Kyle Vanden Bosch Remains Lions Number One Spokesman

When reports surfaced that Lions Head Coach Jim Schwartz traveled to meet with Kyle Vanden Bosch the moment that free agency began last offseason, I was under the impression that he was simply looking to bring a familiar veteran face to Detroit.

But what we’ve all been finding out over the past year is that Vanden Bosch isn’t just a high work-ethic guy on the field, he’s also a highly committed team spokesman off the field. We saw that he was willing to go all out — all the time — in practice, pre-season, and in the regular season, but now we’re also witnessing his desire to go all out as a team advocate in the middle of the free agency.

The Detroit Free Press’ Dave Birkett got a few quotes from KVB as he entered the Lions’ headquarters with several other veteran players:

“I don’t know who we have interest in,” Vanden Bosch said. “There’s a couple of linebackers I played with in Tennessee that are free agents, and they’re both good players and good friends. It’d be nice to have them.”

But I don’t think that Vanden Bosch is only interested in seeing a couple of old buddies join the team so that they can relive the glory days. He’s willing to reach out to anyone:

“But any way I can help this team. That’s, honestly, my role when I came here was to be a football player and help this team win games that way, but it’s also — I made a vow that I would do anything I could to help this team out. So if I can make a phone call or meet somebody when they come in that might make a difference, that’s what I’m going to do.”

I don’t usually put too much stock into things like “clubhouse chemistry”, but here’s a real example of a guy doing whatever it takes to help out the organization. The Lions are gaining national attention for there improvement, but I’m sure it’s still a hard sell to get free agents to commit to the (formerly) downtrodden franchise. I would be willing to bet that having a respected veteran vouch for the team’s turnaround would aid in luring free agents that are looking to join a team that’s ready to win now.

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