Q&A With Zac Snyder: Don't Expect Detroit Lions To Chase Terrelle Pryor

The NFL has decided to allow former Ohio State quarterback Terrelle Pryor to enter this year’s supplemental draft (which will take place on Monday), but the Lions probably won’t show any interest in one of college football’s most exciting (and now vilified) players.

I cornered our own Zac Snyder (also of the great SideLionReport.com) to get a few quick opinions on Pryor, the supplemental draft, and the Lions.

Me: What’s your opinion on Pryor’s outlook in the NFL?

Zac: I don’t like him as an NFL quarterback. He’s like a worse version of Cam Newton. Less upside.

Me: I’m guessing he’s a lock to get taken in the supplemental draft. When do you think he’ll get scooped up?

Zac: I’ll guess sixth round – it only takes on team to fall in love with him but I doubt there is anyone out there that is willing to sacrifice much to get him. The five game suspension likely won’t impact his standing, however, since anyone that takes him will see him as a project rather than an immediate contributor.

Me: Will the Lions even submit a bid for Pryor?

Zac: No. He’d intrigue me as a Tony Scheffler or Kellen Winslow type tight end but I doubt that Pryor is interested in that. The Lions are set at quarterback and Pryor is likely to be more of a distraction than an asset.

Experts have never loved Pryor’s throwing mechanics, and while he was a fast player in college, he’s a “long strider” which means it takes him longer to get up to full speed. The NFL is a faster game so Pryor won’t be able to rely on his athleticism as often as he did in college. He was a man playing in college but he’ll have to face other men at the NFL level.

Where he goes in Monday’s draft will tell us a lot about how NFL scouts view his future as a signal caller. I wouldn’t be totally shocked to see a team make a reach for him (higher than the sixth round), but (thankfully) it doesn’t look that team will be the Lions.

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