Feb 1, 2013; Auburn Hills, MI, USA; Detroit Pistons point guard Jose Calderon (8) before the game against the Cleveland Cavaliers at The Palace. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Jose Calderon Still Out With Visa Issues, Pistons Debut Uncertain

Jose Calderon still wasn’t able to suit up on Sunday for the Detroit Pistons’ game versus the Los Angeles Lakers, and it’s still not known when he’ll be able to hit the court for the first time as a member of his new team. The Detroit News’ Vincent Goodwill reports that Calderon is extremely limited in his participation with the team until his work visa clears:

Pistons acquisition Jose Calderon still won’t suit up due to the holdup with his visa, and it isn’t known if the 31-year old point guard will be able to play Monday against the Knicks in New York. In fact, he can’t practice with the team and is only limited to watching and taking notes from the bench.

Calderon is able to become familiar with his teammates in an off-the-court manner, but he’s not able to even practice with them right now. This isn’t a huge deal in the long term, but the Pistons are playing shorthanded until they can get him on the court.

Work visas are probably the furthest thing from a fans mind when thinking about a player trade, but Calderon is a Spaniard who was formerly employed by a Canadian team. It makes sense that there would be some paperwork involved for him to work in the United States, it just sucks that it’s taking so long to come through.

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