Feb 24, 2013; Columbus, OH, USA; Michigan State Spartans head coach Tom Izzo reacts to his team

Michigan State Spartans Fall To Ohio State Dashing Hope For Big Ten Title


The Mack truck that is the Big Ten claimed another road kill on Sunday. This time the truck had Ohio plates. The #4 Michigan State Spartans got flattened by the Ohio State Buckeyes 68-60. The Spartan loss has fans wondering if the Spartans should even be on the championship road. The Buckeye win helps clear the way for an Indiana Hoosiers Big Ten Conference title.

Sparty’s remaining schedule doesn’t get much easier. For the Michigan State Spartans to climb back into picture they will have to survive a visit from Wisconsin and beat Michigan in Ann Arbor. A tall order even for Tom Izzo. This loss is huge and destroys any hopes Michigan State had for a conference title.   The Spartans really needed this win.  Now they have to win and wait to see if the Indiana Hoosiers will choke it away.

Not likely to happen.

If a comeback was to happen Michigan State Spartan fans will find themselves in the unique situation of rooting for the Wolverines when Indiana visits Ann Arbor at the end of the season. But they will need more help than that as Indiana has a full two game lead on the Big Ten Conference field. That extra help could come at the hand of the Buckeyes when they visit Blommington.

It really doesn’t matter.  The Michigan State Spartans had a golden opportunity to put the Big Ten into a strangle hold.  Instead they hung themselves losing to Indiana at home and now giving one away on the road to the Buckeyes.  Every top team in the B1G can defend their court.  The winner of the conference will have to also win big on the road.

The Spartans failed a big road test late in the season.  Now they are unlikely to see the drivers seat again the rest of the season.

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