Detroit Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh stepped up big off the field. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Ndamukong Suh Restructuring Helps Detroit Lions.


Fans have a lot of opinions about Ndamukong Suh.  Some say is arrogant.  Others say he is ignorant.  Some fans think he doesn’t want to be a Lion anymore.  You can say a lot of things about Ndamukong Suh but you can’t say he doesn’t care about winning.  Possibly the biggest story of the Lions free agent flurry was Suh’s contract restructuring.  “House of Spears” reduced his cap number to 7.6 million giving the Detroit Lions extra room under the cap.  They made the most of it by signing Reggie Bush, Glover Quinn, Chris Houston and Jason Jones. These signings helped the Detroit Lions plug holes and will open up possibilities for them during the draft.

In a Lions locker room that seemed to lack leadership in the distraction filled 2012 season, Suh emerges as a leader.  After all the buzz about Matthew Stafford restructuring his deal it was Suh that put his money where his mouth is.

Simply put Ndamukong Suh stepped up.  He saw the opportunity to help his team get better through free agency and made a sacrifice. And it was a sacrifice.  NFL contracts aren’t guaranteed. If Suh was to get injured he may never see some of that money again. But he still restructured not because he had to; but because he wants to win.

So while Detroit Lions fans are busy reading about the new members of the team or streaming videos of Lions press conferences just remember the player who made the sacrifice to help make that happen.  And next year when Ndamukong Suh is rude to a reporter or stomps on some guys nads in the trenches try and give the guy a break.  He does what he does cause he wants to win.  He just showed Detroit Lions fans how bad.

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