Jalen Rose has asked Chris Webber to join him at tonights NCAA National Championship. Mandatory Credit: Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Fab Five Try To Steal 2013 Michigan Wolverines Spotlight

They’re Back!! After all of the cash pay-outs, explorers, perjury investigations, NCAA sanctions, erased final four appearances, and ESPN 360 specials everyone’s favorite corrupt basketball team is back.  The Fab Five are making their presence known again forcing all Michigan sports fans to stroll down memory lane with them?

Do any of the Fab Five have access to a publicist? If not someone should pass along a number. For some unknown reason the Fab Five are going to attend the Championship Game together when the Michigan Wolverines tip-off against the Louisville Cardinals tonight at 9:23 pm. I wonder if anyone from the university advised against this reunion of former final four participants.  Of course you can’t officially call them final four participants because those were erased by the NCAA in the wake of the Chris Webber scandal.

That leads directly to my point.  Don’t they think the camera is going to find them at some point sitting all together and re-living the glory years of cash payouts and fake time-outs.  Do they have any respect at all for the work and effort the current version of Michigan Wolverines has put in to reach this point?  They should know what it takes, they allegedly made it to the Final Four some years ago. Are the Fab Five naive enough to think that the sports media is going to just recall the just good things about the team? Do they actually think the media will ignore the fact that the scandal  that occurred on their watch pummeled the Michigan Wolverine Basketball program to the point of irrelevance over the last decade?

It just goes to show you the complete and utter disregard the members of the Fab Five have for the school they played for. Sad for a team on the verge of NCAA basketball immortality. I hope the media has enough sense to ignore these publicity hounds.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/luke.sestito Luke Sestito

    This article is weak. Are not the Fab 5 the center of a recent ESPN piece? This piece even influenced the commit of several current players. As alumni and former players why shouldn’t they attend? I saw Steve Fisher at the Final Four game. It didn’t detract in my opinion from the current players. The media will make the Fab 5 a conversation piece regardless of attendance.

    • Tony Fischer

      Thanks for reading. I didn’t think it would negatively effect fans opinions of current players but instead take attention away from the team. CBS actually handled it really well in my opinion.

  • matt

    As a U of M student, I would just like to say there was a big push by a professor who teaches a Cultures of Basketball class to informally invite Webber to the game to show support for the wolverines. Many students, including myself, were really happy to see Webber come back. I don’t think it took anything away from this year’s team, but added to the occasion with this being a big enough event to reunite the fab five as supporters of Michigan. Link to letter… http://yagocolas.com/2013/04/03/an-open-letter-to-chris-webber-you-are-loved/

    • Tony Fischer

      I am not a U of M Student or grad so I wrote this post from an outsiders perspective. After having watched it seems everyone, including national media, was happy to see him there.