Is Havard Rugland too "Kickalicious" for Lions Fans? Mandatory Credit:

Detroit Lions Sign Kickalicious

I don’t think your ready for this Jelly.  Thats right Beyonce Knowles ain’t got nothing on Internet Sensation Havard “Kickalicious” Rugland. The Norwegian trick kicker signed a deal with the Detroit Lions and will be competing for a spot on the roster.  In his You Tube video “Kickalicious” makes 4 consecutive 60 yard field goals.  He is also seen making several trick punts hitting moving targets on boats and trucks. According to he has been working out with former kicker NFL kicker Micheal Husted for about a year in anticipation of an NFL try-out.

So can the Norwegian You Tube phenom actually make those kicks in an NFL game? Or are his trick kicks just a hoax like so many other “amazing” athletic feats on the internet.

The NFL is no stranger to these types of hoax videos put forth to generate internet buzz.  Videos called the NFL Fantasy Files feature players doing tricks with football throws and catches. The videos were produced by the NFL and Rebook to promote interest in fantasy football.  There is a trick featured in the video by Mason Crosby, kicker for the Green Bay Packers, who kicks three balls at a bell tower making it chime. The stunt is strangely similar to the kicks in Havard Ruglands “Kickalicious” videos.

At least he is willing to put his money where is foot is (or something like that). Havard Kickalicious Ruglands willingness to try out will certainly put his real ability in the spotlight.  Say what you want about kickers but they are NFL athletes.  It will be interesting to see of Rugland can actually make those kicks with 300lb defensive linemen bearing down on him.

Have the Lions been duped by an internet video sensation. Or is this just an attempt by the Detroit Lions to build internet buzz among Detroit sports fans and sell preseason tickets?  Is Havard Rugland to Kickalicous for Lions Fans? Only Beyonce knows for sure.  For now we will have to wait until the preseason.

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