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Pistons:   Wishful Thinking…via WXYZ TV

Another summer watching the playoffs awaits the Pistons, and another offseason of “vital importance” is set to follow.

That sequence of events and notions is an annual ritual we’ve grown accustomed to in Detroit, with memories of success and the six straight Eastern Conference Finals deep in the rear-view mirror…

Pistons:  Pistons Enter Draft Lottery via

The Detroit Pistons can only hope to do as well in the May 21 NBA Draft Lottery as they did in a pair of draft-position tiebreakers on Friday.

The Pistons will enter the lottery with the seventh-most combinations after winning a coin flip with the Washington Wizards to determine the seventh and eighth positions today.

Red Wings: Stars not Blue Jackets Biggest Threat via

The Detroit Red Wings woke up today in 10th place in the Western Conference but caught a break from the Los Angeles Kings.

The Kings defeated the Columbus Blue Jackets on Thursday night, leaving Columbus at 49 points, two more than Detroit and Dallas. The Wings are in 10th, behind Dallas, because the Stars have the tiebreaker with 20 ROWs (regulation or overtime wins), whereas Detroit has 18.

Detroit Lions: Could Lions draft a guard via

A guard hasn’t been drafted with a top-10 pick since 1997 or in the top five since 1975. That’s no longer a ridiculous scenarioDetroit Lions general manager Martin Mayhew recently told’s Justin Rodgers.

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