Florida Gators defensive lineman Shariff Floyd selection in the draft will have a huge impact on the Detroit Lions decsion at #5. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Mel Kiper's Latest NFL Mock Draft Has Detroit Lions Picking Dee Millner

The Detroit Lions 1st Round NFL Draft has been the focus of much speculation and second guessing over the last few days.  The reason is the unknowns that exist at the top of the draft order. It is speculated that most of the Top 10 teams are looking to trade back in the draft (including the Lions) so it is anybodies guess what might happen on Draft Day.

So if you too are lost in the NFL draft fog of war look no further than Mel Kiper to shed some light.  The helmet haired draft guru has come out with his latest NFL Mock Draft here is how the top five pans out:

1. Kansas City Cheifs- Luke Joeckel – OL Texas A&M

2. Jacksonville Jaguars – Ezekeil Ansah – DE BYU

3. Oakland Raiders – Shariff Floyd – DT – Florida

4. Philadelphia Eagles – Geno Smith – QB – West Virgina

5. Detroit Lions – Dee Millner – CB Alabama

Kipers’s NFL Mock Draft shows that a Dee Millner is the likely scenerio for the Detroit Lions at # 5.  UNLESS the Eagles trade back!  Mel Kiper says that he thinks the Eagles will draft QB Geno Smith but may trade back to do it.  If for some reason Shariff Floyd is still on the board when the Eagles pick ,then they will probably pick him. The Eagles have a need at defensive tackle and Floyd would be the best on the board. But if Floyd is gone,  then look for a team with a big need at CB to leap frog the Detroit Lions and take Dee Millner.

With all the unknowns and possible last minute trades this NFL draft has been very hard to predict. But that uncertainty is what has turned the NFL Draft into an prime time spectacle.

Remember that Detroit Jock City will be having a LiveBlog on draft night with DJC draft expert Bradly LaBrie ( he is our Mel Kiper but with less harispray). Bradley and myself will be live to comment on the draft and give analysis of each pick as it happens.  We will also be on Twitter @detroitjockcity to get your feedback.

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