Detroit Jock City Has Got The 2013 NBA Draft Covered

Detroit Jock City is your home for 2013 NBA draft coverage.

Before the draft: get information on Detroit Pistons draft prospects, mock drafts and trade possibilities

During the draft: log on to Detroit Jock City for a live blog with Editor Tony Fischer and DJC Pistons Writer Corey Young.  we will break down each pick as it happens and how it affects the Pistons draft position. Join us on twitter for #DJCdraftchat to get up to the minute links to the information you need to know.

During the pick: DJC will be the first to analyze the Pistons pick. Get a player breakdowns and highlight video minutes after the pick happens.

After the draft:  DJC will have the impact of the draft on the starting line-up and free agent targets as the Detroit Pistons put together a play-off roster for the 2013-2014 season.

Everything you need to know about the Detroit Pistons draft and more will be here on DJC.  Get up, Get Down and lose your mind on Detroit Jock City.


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