Potential Pitfalls for the optimistic Detroit Lions

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Dec 22, 2012; Detroit, MI, USA; A fan holds a sign for Detroit Lions wide receiver Calvin Johnson (not pictured) during the game against the Atlanta Falcons at Ford Field. Falcons won 31-18. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Uh oh, Detroit.  It’s happening again.  We are in that brief period of true off-season before training camp, where—other than player arrests— the only thing piling up is optimism.

Detroit has done a great job of turning the team back toward its lofty goals, and once again bringing together  talented players in good spirits.  This  has to be different than last year right?  Well let’s hope so, because everybody also seemed to be feeling pretty good at this point back then.

The current trend of articles seems to reflect a rise in optimism from inside and outside the organization.  We are finding out all of the great things each player is doing, and how everyone has a “team first” attitude.

As much as we all might share in these warm, fuzzy feelings of excitement in these summer months, it’s time to keep it real.  It is easy for players to feel good when they are all getting extensive attention and praise….all while not really having to do that much.  The cut-throat battles for spots and playing time haven’t yet begun, and the players haven’t started taking hits.

We will see how things change when the season is in full swing and players are either being criticized for mistakes, lack of effort, or are altogether ignored.  One thing the Detroit Lions need to become better at as a franchise is maintaining drive and positive attitude throughout a season.  It always seems that the Lions revert to childish ways at some point…usually the minute things stop going their way.  This season the team needs to realize that it’s not all or nothing in the NFL.  If you start to realize you won’t win 12+ games, you don’t just go into frustration mode and stop having any fight or fun left in you.  This needs to change in the players, and it needs to start from the coaches.

With a lot to feel good about, yet again, for the Detroit Lions in 2013, here are some of those pesky little cracks in the foundation that could once again lead to ruin…

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