Oct 17, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Tigers fan holds a sign during the fourth inning in game five of the American League Championship Series baseball game against the Boston Red Sox at Comerica Park. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Tigers Are On The Brink, Let's Point Fingers

The Detroit Tigers are facing major adversity after their comeback bid failed in Game 5 of the ALCS. After the loss Detroit Fans began their favorite activity outside of bowling and drinking beer.


And if you are playing the finger-pointing game, the Detroit Tigers are a target rich environment.

Target #1 – Prince Fielder 

Prince is batting .211 in the ALCS with just a .263 slugging percentage.  He has zero extra base hits and zero RBI. Not good a good line for a clean-up hitter.  Fans started to express their displeasure by booing Fielder when he came to the plate.  Prince responded with a “if they could do it, they would” blast that is sure to increase the fans animosity toward his lack of performance in this series.

Target #2 – Tom Brookens

Tom Brookens sent Miguel Cabrera home on a single in the first inning and he was cut down at home for the third out. Tigers manager Jim Leyland said during post game comments that Tom Brookens should not have sent Cabrera.  Miggy blamed himself for not scoring. Whatever the case, it seems Tom Brookens has replaced Jean Lamont as the Detroit Tigers whipping boy doing what has become the most scrutinized coaching job in Detroit…..Tigers 3rd base coach.

Target #3 – Jim Leyland

Every fans favorite finger-pointing target Jim Leyland gets no credit when the team wins and most of the blame when the team loses. The fans latest motivation for finger-pointing is Leyland’s refusal to move Prince down in the lineup. Leyland’s seemingly blind loyalty to his veterans has drawn the ire of fans before and the frustration is increasing every time Fielder generates a first pitch out.

The good thing for the Tigers about Detroit’s favorite finger-pointing pastime is it stops when the team wins. A win tonight will put the finger-pointing on hold. That is of course until the next time they lose.

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