Sep 29, 2013; San Diego, CA, USA; Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is all smiles on the sidelines before his team

Jerry Jones: Cowboys Biggest Concern Is Reggie Bush, Not Calvin Johnson

When the Dallas Cowboys take the field on Sunday to face the Lions, they will be more concerned about containing Reggie Bush rather than Calvin Johnson.  At least according to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones.

Jerry Jones was asked by a Dallas Radio Station which Lions player he would rather not suit-up when his team faces the Lions this weekend.

Well, I think Bush,” Jones said. “When I look at where we seem to have some vulnerability using the passes out of the backfield, I look at what San Diego did, I look at times what Philadelphia did, if they were able to do anything at all, coming out of that backfield. That seems defensively to be a rough area for us.”

Jones went on to say that his team had been focusing on stopping Reggie Bush this week instead of Calvin Johnson because of Johnson’s ability to win nearly every match-up.

We’ve worked on it a lot this week. Now, Johnson he wins most every match when they compete for the ball, if the ball is up there and he’s got a chance to get it, he wins it. he’s got the size and got the skill to make it, and again, that’s my point. They got a guy who can really, really deliver the ball, so having said that, I think Bush would be the one to leave home if we could get him left home.”

Jerry Jones is recognizing the fact Lions fans know to well. When Reggie Bush is on the field it changes the Lions offense.  Bush’s ability to receive out of the backfield coupled with solid receiving options at tight end could create some match-up problems for the Cowboys in the middle of the field.

Reggie Bush has also taken note of  his advantage in how the Cowboy’s match-up and told the media this week that he plans to be more aggressive.

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If all of this comes into play, The Lions should be set-up for a nice win on Sunday.


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