Ryan Reiss Wins World Series of Poker Main Event

wsop_logo_poster_bigRyan Reiss won the 2013 main event of the World Series of Poker, becoming the 2nd main event Champion from Michigan in the last 5 years.  Joe Cada won the 2009 main event, he is from Shelby Township, Mi.  After surviving 8 days and over 6300 people Reiss was one of 9 people vying for the championship.  They got that number down to 2 yesterday, with Reiss eliminating 4 of 7 of the players.  Reiss started the night behind almost 20 million in chips, starting with 86,675,000.00 to Jat Farber’s 105,000,00.00.

They traded chips back and forth each not willing to give an inch.  About an hour into the battle Jay Farber pulled off an incredible bluff when he bet 24.5 million in chips representing 3 3’s when he had just a 6 and a 5, Reiss bought the story and folded the winning hand.  Having changed the moment into his favor Farber tried to make a charge but moment quickly switched back to Reiss.  Right before the first and only break they would need Jay Farber doubled up to 40.5 million keeping his slim chances of the title alive.

Farber would get as high as 65 million but that is as close as this battle would get as Reiss slowly wore him out by out playing Farber.  The last hand Reiss having 2 bet him since he took over the chip lead, did so again with Ace and a King, Farber moved all in with Queen and a Five, the flop came Jack, Ten, four leaving Farber with 2 outs.  If a Queen hit Reiss would win with a straight,neither of the next two cards was a 5 and Reiss raised his hands in victory.  With his cheering section all wearing Reiss the Beast t-shirts they mobbed him as the last card fell and he had won.  Conrats Reiss the Beast the whole State of Michigan is proud of you.

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