Oct 14, 2012; Houston, TX, USA; Green Bay Packers guard Josh Sitton (71) called the Detroit Lions defensive line Scumbags during a weekly radio interviewMandatory Credit: Brett Davis-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packer Guard Calls Detroit Lions Defense "Scumbags"

The Detroit Lions reputation as a dirty team has come to light again and this time it is Packer Guard Josh Sitton pointing it out. During a weekly interview with Sports Radio 1250 Milwaukee, the Green Bay linemen called the Detroit Lions Defensive Line and coaches “Scumbags” and called Lions head coach Jim Schwartz a “dick”.

When asked by one of the hosts if The Detroit Lions would take a flag or fine to knock Rodgers out of the game, Sitton didn’t pull any punches.

They go after quarterbacks, they take cheap shots all the time, it’s what they do they and who they are. They are…scumbags. It starts with the head coach, Jim Schwartz, he is a dick too and I wouldn’t want to play for him. The line coach and defensive coach are scumbags and so is the D-line.

Sitton’s comments validate the growing perception that the Detroit Lions are a dirty team.

The Packers aren’t the first team to mention this during a media interview. Pittsburgh Steelers QB Ben Roethlisberger mentioned the Lions defensive line prior to their game two weeks ago.

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So are the Packers intimidated by the Lions? Clearly the defensive lines aggressiveness against quarterbacks has been noted. If the Packers are worried about the Lions trying to take out Aaron Rodgers, the fear of losing Rodgers again might be enough to keep him from coming into the game if the Packers find themselves in desperation mode.

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