Dec 16, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Baltimore Ravens head coach John Harbaugh (left) and Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz (right) shake hands after the game at Ford Field. Ravens won 18-16. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Detroit Lions Fans: Playoffs Are Like The Hot Girl That Won't Date You

Is there a chance that the Detroit Lions make the playoffs?  Sure but it is the smallest of chances.

That is why the Monday Night Football game was such a huge loss for the Lions.  Detroit literally had a playoff berth in their hands but let it slip through their fingers. Now the Lions need to win out and they need a lot of help. Namely the from Pittsburgh Steelers. and Philadelphia Eagles.

The Lions need a loss from the Bears and Packers this Sunday coupled with a win over the Giants. The Packers face the Steelers at 1:00 pm and the Bears face the Eagles on Sunday Night Football.

The best case scenario is that the Bears and Packers both lose and the Lions win, putting Detroit back in contention for the NFC North. That is not likely to happen considering the return of injured quarterbacks Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers to their respective teams.

It kind of like the really hot girl who “likes you just as a friend”, then her boyfriend dumps her and you make your move. You answer late night calls, take her out to dinner and help her pick up the pieces only to have her take the boyfriend back.

Then she gives you a little kiss on the cheek and tells you how cute you are.

That is what it is like for the Detroit Lions fans every time their team flirts with the playoffs. They try really hard only to screw it up and end up taking a cold shower in the end.

It will take a miracle for the Detroit Lions to make the playoffs. So in the words of TLC Lions fans should stop chasing waterfalls and save themselves some agony. Stick to the “rivers and lakes” that are the NFL Draft and free agency.

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