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Jan 1, 2014; Pasadena, CA, USA; Michigan State Spartans coach Mark Dantonio hoists the Leishman Trophy after the 100th Rose Bowl against the Stanford Cardinal. Michigan State defeated Stanford 24-20. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Will Mark Dantonio Leave Michigan State?

After coaching Michigan State to their first Rose Bowl appearance and win in 26 years, Mark Dantonio is a hot commodity. Now the hardest decision he will ever make as a coach comes into play, how long will he stay? Winning a BCS game can permanently shape your identity as a college coach, let alone being the head coach. When this happens bigger schools will start calling.

Michigan State is not a small name school by any means. But it’s not as namesake as a Texas for example. Texas is one of the biggest jobs in all of sports. They are the most profitable college athletic program in the nation as well. And they just happen to be searching for their next head coach as the legendary, Mack Brown, recently resigned.

Mark Dantonio and the rest of his staff have received raises since the Rose Bowl. Dantonio himself received a new contract entirely. Now a contract doesn’t guarantee that a coach will stay with their school. There is always a way out. Bill O’Brien just left Penn State to coach the Houston Texans after two seasons of a multi-year contract. Houston had to pay Penn State a fee, that is how a buy out works.

Dantonio has already heard from Texas. He is not their only candidate but them reaching out to him shows what his peers nationally think of him as a coach. In Mark’s first stint with Michigan State as the defensive backs coach he worked under someone known for jumping schools, Nick Saban.

Now on the other hand, Mark can stay at Michigan State and like Saban at Alabama, attempt to build a dynasty. Dantonio left Cincinnatti to revamp Michigan State and now it’s happened. What would be more tempting, staying in one place or taking a more high profile job? You tell me. Mark has done wonders for State since taking over so why stop now? If he does become a lifer at Michigan State, Tom Izzo wouldn’t be their only one anymore.

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