Mar 20, 2014; Melbourne, FL, USA; Detroit Tigers starting pitcher Max Scherzer (37) throws against the Washington Nationals at Space Coast Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

Max Scherzer Turns Down Detroit Tigers Contract Extension

The Detroit Tigers offered Max Scherzer a contract just short of Justin Verlander’s 25.7 million dollar per year deal.  According to all reports he turned the offer down.  I have no problem with him turning down the contract.  The Tigers set the rate for a Cy Young winning pitcher with the Justin Verlander deal and that is what Scherzer feels he deserves.

Justin Verlander 2011              Max Scherzer 2013

W-l 24-5                                           W-L 21-3

era 2.40                                            era 2.90

IP 251                                               IP 214.1

so 250                                              so 240

Both of these pitchers won the Cy Young award that year with Verlander also winning the MVP.  When the Detroit Tigers extended Verlander in the offseason of 2013 they set the bar for deals for Cy Young winners in their organization.  They also decided to make Scherzer’s name mud in this state by telling everybody he turned it down.

I understand why he did first Scott Boras has very rarely allowed one of his clients to sign an extension this close to free agency, second if anyone anywhere had a chance to sign for more money they would take it every time.  The Detroit Tigers have tried to win a World Series by writing blank checks and failed, they are now trying to win it by making cunning moves and Dombrowski has failed at that.  Max Scherzer is an ace pitcher and any team would be lucky to have him as a starting pitcher.

The antiquated notion that players should play for the Love of the game is outdated and stopped applying when the sports athletes started getting paid more than enough to make a living.  When that happened all sports became a job and they just like everyone else want to get paid as much as possible to do that job.  It does not matter that they get paid millions of dollars for

that is what the market calls for.  You would not expect an CEO to only take 100,000 when other CEO’s in their field are getting paid Millions of dollars why do we expect athletes to do the same.  I expect Big things from Scherzer this year and will cheer him on just like I will for every Detroit Tiger as every fan of the Detroit Tigers should.




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