2014 NFL Draft: Detroit Lions Trade Up? Who High And For Whom?

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If the Detroit Lions trade up fans may have a lot to cheer for.  Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Martin Mayhew and the Detroit Lions have done a masterful job at keeping the NFL guessing as to their draft intentions.  They have interviewed or held workouts for everyone one of the top 10 prospects on the board and have been linked to at least 20. That combined with their many needs has draft pundits projecting picks at nearly every position.

The latest rumor, and most heavily circulated, is that the will Detroit Lions trade up and out of the ten spot to get one of the top 5 players.  Experts are evaluating the cost of this to be a first, second and a next seasons 3rd.  Others are speculating that a trade up could include Ndamukong Suh as part of the package offered by the Lions.

But is a trade up in the draft worth the price based on the player the Lions could draft? Here is a look at some of the Lions targets if they trade up and how high they would have to go to get their man.

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  • Hinterliggettkid

    Sorry, you do not seem to understand the drat point chart at all……..

    • Tony Fischer

      The draft point chart is just a guide. It is based on a numerical value assigned to a particular pick and the teams needs. The chart also depends on how each individual team values picks vs. players. There is no universal chart. If their was then we wouldn’t need mock drafts and a huge show on ESPN with constant speculation on picks. Everything would have been done months ago,

  • Hinterliggettkid

    ESPN is an “entertainment” network and how else would they fill the month between FA and the late draft with out Mock drafts ? and that’s just what they are Mock…… all for fun….. and for football starved fans……the point charts are far more than a guide they have become an industry standard….. unless you are Jerry Jones and trade Herschel Walker to the Vikings………