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Ndamukong Suh Is Better Than A Box Of Old Tube Socks

Martin Mayhew held his pre-draft press conference today and addressed the speculation concerning a possible trade of Ndamukong Suh.  Mayhew’s response was classic saying a team in January called and offered a “box of old tube socks” but Mayhew turned them down.

He then made comments that left no-doubt that Ndamukong Suh is part of the Detroit Lions plan for winning games in 2014.

“The bottom line is winning football games, right?” he asked reporters. “We’re here to win football games. That’s a guy that helps us do that, so I plan on Ndamukong being with us.”

With all the buzz that has been generated surrounding Suh (and not just by bloggers) it is hard to believe that a trade scenario involving Suh has not been discussed by the Lions organization. But the “old tube socks” comment illustrates the fact that there is not equal value for Suh on the trade market.

Mayhew’s comments were the strongest public endorsement of Ndamukong Suh by Lions brass since his no-show at voluntary workouts. Apparently Suh’s refusal to attend the voluntary sessions is not a concern to the Lions as they move forward into training camp.

According to insider Tim Twentyman, Mayhew ” admitted there were some scenarios where a trade could make sense” but those scenarios aren’t of any interest to the Lions unless it can help them win this season.

So that does it for the Suh speculation and if you believe Mayhew, then fans should not expect a draft day move involving Suh. Unless……


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