If Not Ndamukong Suh, Than Who? Top 5 Canidates To Be Lions Defensive Captains

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Dec 16, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions outside linebacker DeAndre Levy (54) leads teammates onto the field prior to the start against the Baltimore Ravens at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

Make no mistake about it, Ndamukong Suh is top three, if not thee best defensive tackle in professional football.

However, does the fifth year player and four-time Pro Bowler possess the qualities necessary to be a leader of the Lions?

It is a question many have been skeptical of ever since the Lions named Suh a captain in September of 2013. While there is absolutely no denying the pure physical talent that Suh possess, his decision making on the field has been questionable at best.

There have been far too many personal fouls called on Suh for everything from late-hits to the stomp on Thanksgiving a few years ago. The Captains position is one that needs to be lead by example, and lets be honest, Suh has done a poor job in that department.

Add in his absence from voluntary workouts before OTA’s and many fans feel Suh is no longer worthy of wearing the “C”..

Furthermore, there were suspicions a year ago that his election as a 2013 captain was a heavily Jim Schwartz-influenced rigging intent on deliberately foisting more leadership upon Suh whether he wanted it or not. There will be more than modest interest in whom the players will elect as their 2014 captains later this summer.

Stripping Suh of his C would serve as a symbolic gesture of that new team accountability Caldwell seeks, a message that these Lions are perhaps finally prepared to demand more of themselves.

Do they possess the backbone to “demote” their best defensive player?

Maybe? Maybe not?

We’ll take a look at who IS a good fit to lead the Lions D in 2014.

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