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Calvin Johnson Will Be The 2014-15 NFL MVP

Calvin Johnson is the greatest wide receiver in the NFL.  He’s broken numerous Detroit Lions and NFL receiving records.  He has been ranked 3rd or better by his peers in the NFL top 100 players since 2012.  And he jumps over triple coverage with ease.  Yet, he hasn’t won a Super Bowl (or a playoff game for that matter) and he has yet to be crowned NFL MVP… all that changes this season and here’s why (OK, maybe not the Super Bowl, but perhaps the division).

Statistics Don’t Lie

Since 2010, Megatron has averaged 1,564 yards and 11 TDs per season.  In 2012, he crushed Jerry Rice’s yards per season record of 1,848 yards and replaced it with 1,964 yards.  In week 8 of the 2013 season he set the single game record for number of yards in standard regulation time with 329 yards (yes Flipper Anderson’s 336 yards are more than Calvin’s, but he got some of those yards in over time).  And Calvin did all of that while battling knee and finger injuries.

Megatron has Mega-Arm

In a previous article I made the proclamation that Matthew Stafford will break the all-time season passing record.  That statement has a lot to do with Calvin Johnson.  Stafford and Johnson are inseparable; one cannot succeed without the other.  Calvin’s ability to catch the ball is unparalleled in the league, but his stat line didn’t become insane until Stafford took over the quarterback position.  This was also noted by the NFL network, which recently claimed that Johnson and Stafford as the best QB/WR tandem in the league.

NFL MVP/Super Bowl

Now I admit that statistics don’t win Super Bowls, but they certainly help teams get there.  That being said, his statistics are deserving of a NFL MVP award.  Adrian Peterson received the award in 2013 and he didn’t go to the Super Bowl, so why not Calvin?  If Megatron has another record breaking season, I believe he would be due the award regardless of playing for the Lombardi.  But should the Lions find themselves playing in the Super Bowl, it will probably be because of Calvin Johnson having a MVP season


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