Lombardi Explains Why Lions Quarterbacks Run Barefoot

Detroit Lions quarterbacks have gotten a little extra running in at the end of OTA practices and they have been seen running without shoes.

Lions beat writers took notice and asked offensive coordinator Joe Lombardi about it during his session with the media after practice today.

Is the barefoot running one of Lombardi’s super secret training techniques?

The workout equivalent of the Paleo diet?

A foot-strengthening exercise?

Not quite.

The reason for shedding the shoes is a mix of practicality and practical joke. Lombardi explained:

Did I get blamed for that? I think that was Dan Orlovsky. When he sees you guys out here he says, ‘Let’s run barefoot.’ So yeah, I think he’s tricking you on that one. I think Matt (Stafford) sometimes gets blisters, so when they run after practice I think he likes to take his shoes off sometimes. I’ve read it’s good for you, but no I would never make them do it.

Sometimes you just need to feel the blades of grass between your toes. And hey, footwear that looks more like a glove for your feet has actually become a thing so there is something to going au naturale. But that’s not really why Lions quarterbacks are doing it.

Lame joke? Maybe, but the Lions media spent some of the precious little time Lombardi is available to them asking about it.

Quotes provided by the Detroit Lions.