“Moneyball” Trailer Lacks Mention of Jeremy Bonderman

Former Detroit Tiger Jeremy Bonderman was drafted (after his junior year of high school) by the Oakland Athletics in 2001. The story goes that one of Billy Beane’s assistants made the decision to draft the high schooler much to the displeasure of the notorious general manager (who strongly preferred drafting college players).

Despite being drafted by Oakland, Bonderman didn’t fit Beane’s ideal profile, and the team traded him to Detroit the very next summer in a deal that also involved the New York Yankees. Oakland sent Carlos Pena, Franklin German, and Jeremy Bonderman (as a player to be named later) to the Tigers, Detroit sent Jeff Weaver to New York, and the Yankees sent Ted Lilly, Jason Arnold, and John-Ford Griffin to Oakland.

Michael Lewis’ 2003 book Moneyball that brought Billy Beane’s “revolutionary” style to the masses is being adapted for the big screen. The movie, set for release in September, stars Brad Pitt (as Beane) and Jonah Hill. Check out the trailer below. Unfortunatley, there is no mention of Bonderman (not that we seriously expected there to be).

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  • Justin

    I was a little skeptical that they could make this into an interesting movie but the trailer changed my mind. I love the scene with the stereotypical group of 70 year old scouts having a meeting with Beane. Probably a little over the top but it is still entertaining.

    I wouldn’t be surprised to see at least a scene about Bonderman. He was an extremely controversial draft pick at the time despite the philosophy – he was drafted after his junior year.

    • http://www.detroitjockcity.com Matt Snyder

      I was skeptical too, but it looks like it’ll be a solid movie. You’re right that it will be over the top and sensationalized, but if it’s about baseball, I’m there.