The Detroit Tigers shortstop Jhonny Peralta link to Tony Bosch could spell trouble for an already thin middle infield. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

The Jhonny Peralta Link To Tony Bosch Major Issue For Detroit Tigers

As the Major League Baseball’s latest PED scandal continues to develop, a Detroit Tiger has been named.  The Jhonny Peralta link to Tony Bosch is a major issue for the Detroit Tigers.  The Tigers just signed Peralta to a $5.5 million contract extension.  By doing so they bet much of the season on whether or not he is able to play the shortstop position effectively.  The bet seemed to be a safe one as the Tigers recently boasted about Peralta’s off-season regimen.  A regimen that has him 20 lbs thinner and quicker to the ball. This news was welcome to fans who witnessed Peralta’s lack of range in 2012.  Could this off-season workout include PEDs?  The recent stories certainly raises some eyebrows. That is why the Jhonny Peralta link to Tony Bosch has put the Tigers substantially large bet in jeopardy as the Tigers enter spring training.

Some writers have said they could care less if Jhonny Perlata takes PEDs. Compared to names on the list like Ryan Braun, Gio Gonzales and Alex Rodriguez; Perlata is a minor player. But to the Detroit Tigers, Peralta is anything but minor.  In fact, if the Jhonny Peralta link to Tony Bosch develops further and suspensions could be issued. That would be game changing.

If you think a Peralta suspension is unlikely, think again. As the investigation moves forward, more troubling information about Tony Bosch is being revealed. MLB is already very familiar with Tony Bosch. He was the HGH supplier to Manny Ramirez in 2009.  Manny’s use of the banned substance supplied by Bosch later lead to his suspension. Records show Tony Bosch is nothing more than a PED dealer. The only reason an athlete would be a “client” of Bosch’s  is to obtain performance enhancing drugs. The fact that Perlata issued a statement denying using performance enhancing drugs does not explain why he was a client of Bosch in the first place. With Tony Bosch’s long history of providing performance enhancing drugs to athletes, it is difficult to believe Peralta would employ him for any other reason.

This is troubling for the Detroit Tigers because they already lack depth up the middle.  Jhonny Peralta and the rest of the infield are currently backed up by Ramon Santiago, Danny Worth and Hernan Perez. The 32 year old  Santiago posted a .206 batting average in 2012. Danny Worth (26) has shown promise but has yet to live up to his high draft status.  Hernan Perez is a career .246 minor league hitter with some speed and little power.  Beyond the starters The Tigers lack productive major league talent on the diamond.  Meaning a Peralta suspension would present an obstacle to the Tiger’s quest to win their first World Series since 1984.  That is of course unless they make a move to bolster the middle of their defense now.  There are a few candidates left in the free agent market, Ceaser Izturis, Ryan Theriot and Adam Kennedy are all major league journeymen who could step into Peraltas roll if a suspension occurs. Whatever the case Dave Dombrowski must make a move now to head off any trouble the Jhonny Peralta link to Tony Bosch might present later. The hopes and dreams of the Tiger faithful could depend on it.

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