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Apr 5, 2013; New York, NY, USA; Phil Jackson in attendance during game between the New York Knicks and the Milwaukee Bucks at Madison Square Garden. New York Knicks defeat the Milwaukee Bucks 101-83. Mandatory Credit: Jim O

Could Detroit Pistons Hire Phil Jackson After Firing Lawrence Frank

Could the Detroit Pistons Hire Phil Jackson? I know what you are thinking: “There is no way Phil Jackson will come to Detroit you moron!” You may be right about the moron part but Phil Jackson to Detroit is a real possibility.

Here are some reasons Phil Jackson may choose the Detroit Pistons for his NBA return:

1. Phil Jackson and Tom Gores are from Los Angeles. Chances are they already know each other.

2. Tom Gores can give Phil Jackson the keys to the franchise. The Zen Master possesses one of the best basketball minds of all time and would have no trouble commanding the respect of the entire organization.

3. The Pistons have a strong tradition, a good core of young players, plenty of cap space and nowhere to go but up. Jackson could come to the Palace and have instant success. Adding to his legacy and his ego.

4. Tom Gores can afford it! Tom Gores is a billionaire.  Yes that’s with a B. He bought the team to win. The Pistons are a toy for Tom Gores.  If your toy needs batteries, you go by them. Tommy can afford a lot of AAA’s.

5. Where is he gonna go……… Cleveland? I’ve been to Cleveland and no one… one chooses to go to Cleveland.

There are plenty of reasons the Pistons NEED to hire Phil Jackson:

1. They have set themselves up for a big free agent push this off-season.  Other than the draft, they will need one or two big pieces to compete with the premier NBA franchise.  It is no secret that the Detroit Pistons have had trouble attracting top-tier free agents in recent years but if Phil Jackson calls players WILL pick-up the phone. The Detroit Pistons will need players to pick up the phone and the pen if they plan to compete in this league.

2. Tom Gores is slow to fire Joe Dumars for fear of a PR disaster. For a team already struggling to sell tickets that be disastrous.  Phil Jackson is the only name out there that could make the Pistons faithful set aside any hard feelings about dismissing the home town hero.

3. Ticket Sales, pure and simple. A Phil Jackson hiring would increase ticket sales and bring the crowds back to the palace.

Could the Detroit Pistons hire Phil Jackson? I think they will. That is the reason Tom Gores has not made the move to fire Joe Dumars…yet. That is why there has been no short list coming from the palace about possible coaches.  If Gores can’t land the Zen Master then he still has Joe to fall back on.

The Pistons need a great mechanic specializing in high-powered engines. and it appears Phil’s garage is open for business.

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