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Detroit Pistons To Interview J.B. Bickerstaff...No Not That Bickerstaff

Phil Jackson is in town to advise on the coaching search and one of the first people he suggests is J.B. Bickerstaff.  Bickerstaff has a ton of NBA  coaching experie………..wait……..that’s his Dad, Bernie Bickerstaff!!!  Oh so we are interviewing the Bickerstaff that has been an assistant coach with winning franchises such as the Minnesota Timberwolves, Charolotte Bobcats and Houston Rockets. I am sure that makes Pistons fans feel much better.

So why aren’t we interviewing Bernie Bickerstaff?

Did Joe call Bernie Bickerstaff and settle for whichever Bickerstaff answered the phone?


I wonder if the conversation went something like this:

J.B:  Hello, Bickerstaff residence J.B. speaking!

Joe Dumars: Hey J.B. This is Joe Dumars. Is your dad in?

J.B: No he is out at the Staples Center cleaning out his desk he just got fired by The Lakers.

Joe Dumars: Yes I heard that’s too bad but that’s also why I wanted to talk to him. When will he be home?

J.B: Hold on Mr. Dumars, let me ask my Mom.  (muffled yelling)

J.B: I am sorry Mr. Dumars but my Mom says he doesn’t want the Pistons job. He gets fired every two years now as it is.

Joe Dumars: Ya, I understand. Tell him that Phil Jackson is here with me and we would like him to come meet with us on Wednesday in Detroit.

J.B: Phil Jackson!! hold on…MA!  (more muffled yelling)

J.B:  Mr. Dumars, my Mom wants to know if  Mr. Jackson gonna be the G.M.?

Joe Dumars: Ummm, no I am the G.M.

J.B: He said no Ma!!……….Oh well then she says he still isn’t interested.

Joe Dumars: Oh….I see.  J.B!  What are you doing Wednesday.  

J.B: Gee nothing Mr. Dumars the Rockets haven’t been playing this late in the playoffs  for years now. I might catch a matinée of Iron Man 3 tomorrow wanna come?

Joe Dumars: No J.B. I gotta work tomorrow.  Hey why don’t you come to Detroit and you can meet Hall of Fame coach Phil Jackson!

J.B: Oh WOW can I?!? That would be swell.

Joe Dumars: Ya Ya, whatever I will see you in Wednesday.  (click)


It seems now all you have to do to get an interview for the Pistons head coaching job is to share the last name of a viable candidate.  The Pistons history of changing head coaches like last years nikes seems to be catching up with them.

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If ownership is serious about attracting a quality head coach and making a splash in free agency they must make some drastic changes. The Detroit fan base is not going to get excited about J.B. Bickerstaff, Lindsey Hunter or Nate McMillian and neither will perspective free agents.  However people would get pretty excited about Phil Jackson and as luck would have it he happens to be in town.


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