DJC Flicks Pick: Top 5 Best Sports Movies That Are Really Chick Flicks

Being sports fans I am sure you have been consumers of sports cinema. And like you I have seen the good, bad and completely awful. But have you ever been watching a good sports movie and said “wait a second, when did this turn into a chick flick?”

The following list pay homage to the best sports movies that are really chick flicks.

Slapshot (1977) - Sure there are some great hockey scenes in this movie plenty of hockey fights in this movie but Reggie Dunlop (played by Paul Newman) is obsessed with reconciling with his wife while another player Ned Braden is constantly arguing with his wife about his obsession with Hockey. Both turn their attention to the team at the end and win with a goon hockey style that captures the attention of the fans.

Bull Durham   (1988) - This movie fools you with great baseball scenes and lines but soon it becomes about Crash Davis ‘(Kevin Costner) obsession with Annie Savoy.  Annie complicates this issue by choosing Nuke Laloosh (Tim Robbins) to be her monogamous relationship for the season.  A great sports movie turns into a romance at the end with lots of soft light, feathered hair and saxophone solos.

For The Love Of The Game – (1999) - Kevin Costner plays another aging ball player weighing his love of the game of baseball versus the regret of never having loved a women (Kelly Preston). (sniffle) In the end Detroit Tigers pitcher Billy Chapel finds that his baseball career is over but the his career as a man is just begining.

Tin Cup  – 1996 - Playing Crash Davis with a golf bag, Kevin Costner tursn in another heart throb performance as Roy McAvoy, a golf pro trying to find his balance. He found it in the end from Dr. Molly Griswold (Renee Russo), a shrink who also happens to be dating his arch rival.  Again lots of great golf scenes to disguise itself as a sports movie. However the plot line of the girl saving Roy McAvoy from himself makes it a chick flick.

Jerry McGuire – 1996 - Tom Cruise plays Jerry McGuire, a sports agent who get fired for having a moral compass. He starts out on his own with one client and one employee Dorthy Boyd (Renee Zellweger) with whom he ends up falling in love.  Again another guys plot turned chick as Dorothy Boyd brings balance to Jerry McGuire’s life forcing him to utter the famous line “you complete me”.

So next time you have movie night with your girl and she is grumpy about having to watch another action movie put on one of these flicks. She may complain at first but will be cuddling up to you at the end.

You get to watch a sports movie and make your girl happy.  Sounds like a win/win to me.

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