Who wants Martell Webster? I Do I Do!

With the NBA draft looming the Pistons looking more and more like point guard is the direction they will go in. I started looking at the other primary position the Pistons need to fill and I came back with a position and a player who is a free agent who can fill some holes on the roster. His name is Martell Webster. Most casual fans are like who, where he from, what has he done in the NBA, why have I never heard of him, why is he such a good fit with the Pistons? I am here to answer the masses question.

Martell Webster

Martell Webster was born on December 4, 1986 in Edmonds Washington and is cousin of current Boston Celtic Jason Terry. Webster measurable are 6ft 7 inch 230 lbs and can play the small forward and or shooting guard for your offense. Webster strengths seem to be what the Pistons truly lack. A wing who can create his own shot, play perimeter defense, and knock down the 3pt shot at a .422% which is one of the top 12 shooters in the NBA. Jose Calderon did lead the NBA in 3pt shooting percentage but he is unrestricted free agent and at the age of 31 and the Pistons probably drafting a point guard says that with all likelihood Calderon will not be a Piston next season. Webster is 26 years of age and will be entering his prime and while I do think teams will inquire about Webster he will not bring in the price tag of others marquee free agents and we may be able to get him for market value or lower. With Webster we would clearly have his best days ahead of him and it would give us time to improve the overall roster while making us potentially a playoff contender next season. The Pistons also would have the flexibility to draft a point guard and move Brandon “Knightmare” Knight to the shooting guard. Knight could be the backup point guard since he is classified as more of a combo guard when the starter goes to the bench. Webster averaged a career high 11.4 ppg, 3.9rpg, and 3pt percentage in his a career .787% free throw shooter who shot .848% last year. He has become a stellar defensive player over the years and the more reps he gets better defending.

Webster is a great fit for the Pistons and gives the team so much flexibility in the upcoming draft to will and deal because the biggest need could be filled. His age and relatively low price should also appeal because signing him still leaves you options to go after other marquee free agents whether it is this season or the next. The starting 5 would all be under 26 effectively making us one of the youngest teams in the NBA and could set us on a path to parlay into a haven where older players want to come and play for a chance at a championship. Not everyone can go sign several marquee free agents and create a dynasty in just a few short years. Sometimes you have to draft most of your players, sign a few free agents, trade for a few key pieces, and develop them. Look at the Spurs, Bulls, Pacers, and Grizzlies as teams who have developed most of their talent through draft, made a few trades, and signed a few key free agents. This is the model the Pistons should because let’s face it we are classified as a small market team right now we lack a superstar so from a global perspective we aren’t a must see team for non Detroit Pistons fan unless we play a team with a star power. There is only two ways you can become relevant and they are to win or have superstar. Superstars are great but winning just feels so much better for a city, team, community, and fans.

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