New Detroit Pistons guard Brandon Jennings looks to fit nicely into the starting five. Mandatory Credit: Benny Sieu-USA TODAY Sports

Potential Starting Lineup For The Detroit Pistons

Now that Brandon Jennings is in the fold, there are many possibilities for the starting lineup. Brandon Jennings has spent his entire career at point guard and many believe that’s where he will stay with the Pistons in the future, but what about the present? Its been no secret that Jennings likes to shoot the basketball, in fact Jennings shot the ball 1,247 times last season and made roughly a third of those shots according to The Pistons also brought back Chauncey Billups on a 2 year deal. Many believed that he would be a back up and mentor the young guards in the organization, but could Billups be the starting point guard this season? I think he could be.

Even at this point in his career, Billups is still a better point guard than Jennings, not necessarily a better player but a better point guard. I think starting Billups at point guard is the most logical choice here’s why. If the Pistons started Jennings at point guard then who starts at the 2? Rookie Kentavious Caldwell-Pope? Rodney Stuckey? Kyle Singler? Yes the options are endless, but they aren’t the best options available to make the best possible team. Starting rookie Kentavious Caldwell-Pope right away wouldn’t be a smart move by new head coach Maurice Cheeks. Throwing a 21 year old kid into the starting lineup right away is just asking for trouble and mistakes. Having KCP come off the bench for at least a good chunk of games and let him get acclimated with the team and the new league would be best for the Pistons and KCP going forward. Rodney Stuckey’s days as a Pistons are numbered in my opinion. He isn’t a natural shooting guard. He doesn’t have a consistent outside jump shot and he is more of a get to the basket type player anyway. Singler saw time at both shooting guard and small forward last season and I think he’s better suited to back up Josh Smith at the 3. The only remaining choice to be the starting shooting guard is Brandon Jennings. He’s a decent shooter and can create his own shot. My starting lineup for the Pistons would look like this:

PG- Billups

SG- Jennings

SF- Smith

F- Monroe

C- Drummond

This is the best lineup the Pistons can throw out there every single night.

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  • Michael Nance

    How about starting Billups and Stuckey in the backcourt. Stuckey can lead the fast break and if there is nothing there then kick it back out to Billups to run a set offense. When its time to rotate in Jennings is first off the bench with KCP coming in based on how Stuck is doing… KCP can set up in the corner while Jennings runs an inside out game with the bigs and be the catch all for the corner 3′s. How much time Gigi is able to take on will determine how much the frontcourt can keep Smith out of the 3 spot and the Smith, Drummond and Monroe can cover most all the 96 min in the frontcourt with the others fighting for the remaining 15 min a game in the rotation. Consider 242 min a game. Smith/34 Drummond/28 Monroe/32 Jennings/30 Billups/22 Stuckey/25 KCP/21 Gigi/24 Jerebko/16 Singler/10 …. Not a lot of min to go around finally a need to play for your time.

    • Andrew

      Obviously I’d be ok with starting Billups in the back court but I wouldn’t want to pair him with Stuckey. In my opinion, the Pistons can’t spread the floor like they need to do with Stuckey at the 2. Stuckey is a get to the basket type player, hes not really an outside shooter. Thanks for the read and feedback!

      • Michael Nance

        I can see Chauncey doing an inside out with Monroe where he can either shoot or rotate to a cutting Smith or Stuckey. Later in the game I can see Gigi on the court with Stuckey and Billups to open up the court but to start I cant see not starting the 3 big men (one will rotate out quickly maybe 5-6 min into the game) moving Smith to PF and Jennings and Gigi come off the bench.