Feb. 12, 2013; East Lansing, MI, USA; Michigan Wolverines football head coach Brady Hoke and Michigan State Spartans football head coach Mark Dantonio greet each other before a basketball game at Jack Breslin Students Events Center. Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

College Football Starts Tonight In Michigan

Michigan State University starts their season tonight versus Western Michigan University, University of Michigan starts tomorrow versus Central Michigan, and Eastern Michigan plays Howard tomorrow as well.  For us in this state the College Football Season starts tonight.  I honestly could care less about the rest of the College Football world unless their playing a team from this area or from their Conferences.  Outside of the baseball playoffs, when the Detroit Tigers are involved, this is my favorite time of year.

I am like a kid on Christmas morning I cannot wait till they start playing for real.  I expect big things for both Michigan State and Michigan this year.  For Michigan State the season hinges on their offense, can their receivers catch the football.  Also can their offense  not turn the ball over to put their defense in bad spots.  I told all of my Michigan State family that last year they were going to continue their dominance from the two previous years.  Obviously I was wrong because the offense was so inept the defense was on the field most of the time, leading to them being less effective.  All they have to do is play like the Baltimore Ravens and keep their defense off the field and they will dominate most games.  I think their offense will be much better than last year and will keep their defense well rested and playing well.  My prediction for them this year is 11-0 in their other 11 games.  I will have my prediction for the Michigan game the week of the game.

Now for the other major program in Michigan, the Michigan Wolverines.  For Michigan the season depends on if their defense can take the next step.  Greg Mattison is a great defensive coordinator, and they are finally getting the talent to run his defense.  Losing Jake Ryan for part of the season is gonna hurt, but they have enough talent to handle his absence.  Also can Devin Gardner take the next step in the process and continue to improve over how he played the last 5  games last year.  I believe he will and that the defense will play well enough for them to win games.  My prediction for them this year is 11-0, this excludes the Michigan State game which I will do that the week of the game.

I know most of you are thinking what a homer, and you would be correct.  I expect big things from the two Big Ten schools in this state this year and you should as well.  We should demand championships and have big expectations for all of our teams.  I will continue to have big expectations for all of our teams.  I believe this could be the year they are both in the National Championship talk at the end of the year, that is the expectation.

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