Aug 22, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions running back Mikel Leshoure (25) celebrates after win against New England Patriots at Ford Field. Lions won 40-9. Mandatory Credit: Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Could The Detroit Lions Trade Mikel LeShoure?

Early this morning the Detroit Lions learned that they wil be without their starting slot receiver. According to a report by ESPN Nate Burleson broke his arm when he crashed his car into the median on I 696.  Apparently pizza was the cause of the crash as Burleson was adjusting boxes slipping off of his passenger seat.

In the wake of the injury, the Lions have wasted no time trying to fill Burlesons spot on the roster.  According to Tim Twentyman, the Lions have been talking with several teams about a possible trade.

Who could the Lions trade to get a quality wide receiver?

How about a second round draft pick from 2011?

Mikel LeShoure has been inactive for two-thirds of the games this season and not for health reasons.  In fact when LeShoure was active for the game in Washington he didn’t get a single carry.  Nor did he see a snap on special teams.  Lions head coach Jim Schwartz claims the only reason LeShoure didn’t get in the game is because he wasn’t needed.

“In this game, Joique was handling that load, and Theo was handling some of the pass stuff we ran and it just never came up for (Leshoure) to get on the field,” Schwartz said. “If Joique had to come out for a portion of the time, he would have filled the same role Joique had filled, but it just never came up in the game.”

Actions normally speak louder than words and Schwartz’s refusal to play LeShoure in against the Redskins indicates a larger issue is behind the running backs absence from the Lions offensive scheme.

If the Detroit Lions trade Mikel LeShoure for a wide receiver, it would solve a number of problems.

  • It would quiet the growing concern over a high draft pick from a couple of years ago not getting any playing time.
  • It would fill a big hole in the Lions passing attack.
  • It would eliminate a possible distraction in a critical season.

If the Lions aren’t going to use LeShoure they should trade him for a player they will use.  Otherwise they are wasting a roster spot that could be best used on a player the coaching staff has confidence in.

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  • Jason Khamoro

    Another 2nd Rder bites the dust, how these people have their jobs is beyond me.

    • Tony Fischer

      I know it is amazing. It was starting to come to the forefront. Mayhew could totally luck out if he can pull a trade including LeShoure.

      • Jason Khamoro

        We’ll see but I won’t put too much faith in it, don’t forget last year they traded a 4th Rder for Mike Thomas from Jax another flop move considering they went 4-12.

        • Bradley La Brie

          Ah, right, right. TRAINWRECK! He didn’t pull off a highway robbery to rid ourselves of Roy Williams or anything.

          • Jason Khamoro

            yeah that was a great move in of itself but tell me how’s Pettigrew doing, slowly being replaced by an undrafted TE in Joseph Fauria…We’re both Lions fan obviously but the proof is in the pudding, really BAD drafting.

        • Bradley La Brie

          Has he been putrid in past drafts? Sure. Is there a chance he fixed his mistakes with this past draft? Perhaps. Trades have been his strong point, overall.