Why Are Michigan Wolverine Fans Screaming: Fire Brady Hoke

Nov 30, 2013; Ann Arbor, MI, USA; Michigan Wolverines head coach Brady Hoke before the game against the Ohio State Buckeyes at Michigan Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Updated: 11/30/2013

After the gut wrenching and heartbreaking loss to arch rival Ohio State. Some Michigan fans are screaming: Fire Brady Hoke!  Is the ire of the Michigan fans misplaced? Or does Brady Hoke deserve to be fired?

Well if you are in the fire Brady Hoke camp, he has certainly given you plenty of ammunition

  1.  Two straight games of negative rushing yards and under 200 yards total offense.
  2. A completely humiliating loss to in-state rival Michigan State.
  3. Terrible offensive performances against Nebraska and Iowa
  4. A drop from #17 in the AP poll to being unranked.
  5. Little to no contribution from Brady Hoke recruits
  6. Questionable calls on fourth down in the Penn State and Ohio State games.
  7. Going for two against Ohio State with :36 left when a PAT would have tied the game, sending it to OT
  8. The growing perception that Hoke has little control over game time decisions

To understand the disappointment of Michigan fans we should look at how Brady Hoke got the job in the first place.

The Rich Rodriquez era ended at Michigan with a resounding thud.  Rich-Rod was supposed to bring National Championship swagger to the Wolverines.  Instead his legacy at Michigan was marked by an upset loss to Toledo and NCAA sanctions for violating practice rules.

Brady Hoke came to Michigan with the promise of returning Michigan to its traditional style. He was going to bring smash mouth ball control offense and crushing defense in the tradition of Bo Schembechler and Lloyd Carr.

Hoke’s first season was a success! He seemed to flawlessly transition the Rodriguez recruits into a hybrid spread/pro style offense leading his team to 11 wins. A mark Brady Hoke hasn’t come close to again.

The next two seasons have seen a football program in decline.

2012 saw a disappointing 8-5 finish highlighted by an Outback Bowl embarrassment at the hands of South Carolina.

2013 did not end well.  Michigan is reeling after a heart breaking loss to Ohio State and with a 3-5 record in the Big Ten they finished near the bottom on the Legends division.  That’s right I said THE BOTTOM. Not a place Michigan fans are used to being.

Michigans 7-5 2013 regular season record is one game below than last years peformance.

So it is easy to see why even rational Michigan fans are calling for Athletic Director David Brandon to fire Brady Hoke. But is it the right move?

Tell us what you think!



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  • Lincoln Brousseau

    I feel really bad for Mr. Hoke. He is a nice guy and has made some pretty big promises. I was sold on his hiring interview and thought, yes, this is the guy. Now, I have lost some faith. He controls his team and HAS talented kids. They just need to be developed into better players. Other teams have Freshman and Sophomore players that are awesome…Alabama…Oregon…So what is the difference? I say coaching. Hoke needs to put the nail down on his coaching staff and get these guys going in the right direction. Our kids look like they have no idea what they are doing. I understand the MSU loss. #1 defense in the nation and it showed, but run the ball into that that line each time and with the same small back? Frustrating. One successful screen pass and then back to the same negative yardage plays. That is Hoke’s responsibility to put his headset on and tell the O coach to try something different. Be creative. Did that happen? It didn’t look like it. The mediocre season could have been worse than 6-3. We had some close games to bad teams. So, I blame the coaches, not the kids. They want to play hard, but need to be coached well. Make an example and fire the worst performer. IMO, it is the O coach. Then it will put the heat on. Give it another 2-3 more years, then the big shakeup HAS to happen. I love that Hoke loves his team and his players, but you have to coach them well. I don’t know exactly what is missing, but it seems to be discipline and development. Love my Wolverines and getting tired of a historically legendary program dragging in the mud. God bless you guys :)

    • Tony Fischer

      Thanks for reading Lincoln. Hoke can help himself by winning the next three games. Unfortunately he has made Ohio State a must win game.

    • Doc

      My problem of waiting for three or four yers for change, that the program may negatively impacted that it will take a decade to ressurect Michigan football to what it used to be in the past. The other top tier schools in the B1G don’t appear to be getting weaker. Your assessment of the problem is correct, ‘discipline and development’. I am not too sure that the team hasn’t quit for whatever reason. This isn’t just about the present, but also will impact recruiting this year, and maybe years to come. Consequently, Mr.Hoke has to show he can handle coaching at UM….now not later.

  • Doc

    Hoke may fit the category of, “Good guys finish last”. He may be a nice guy, “father figure”, but he isn’t displaying the qualities necessary for a winning coach. Maybe Brandon needs to give Hoke an ultimatum to improve matters. Considering the apparent regression of this team, one cannot envision much different next year unless major changes are made in the program. I hope I am 100% wrong, but Hoke has not given me any indication he is willing to change.

    • hangten

      Brady Hoke a “nice guy?!” Really now…Did you know that when he left San Diego State for the Michigan job he did not even meet with the players to tell them he was leaving…he just sent them a text. Yes, that’s right, a text. As an Aztec fan I cannot wait for this poser to get fired. He has one winning season at Ball State and one at SDSU…this dude talks the talk, but he does not walk the walk.

  • Vickie Lynn Krouse

    The App St loss was under Lloyd Carr, and all the other crap was so far fetched, and made up about Rich Rod it was insane. They got rid of a great coach, and got Fred Flintstone I enjoy watching every loss they have, and will I hope continue to have Karma’s a bitch they are getting what they deserve because of the Hell they put Rich Rod through !!!

    • Tony Fischer

      Thanks for reading Vickie! You are right. I stand corrected and my post has been corrected!

    • William Rhoads

      Who got busted for cheating on the practice sheets RR thats who!

      • Vickie Lynn Krouse

        Well William I can tell that you are a Wal-Mart wolverine, because you have no clue what so ever about what you are talking about. Now here is a fact, pay attention. The two violations that Michigan was guilty of according to the NCAA was 1.) They used a football on the end of a stick to simulate the ball being snapped during off season training. 2.) The grad assistants were present during film sessions with the players although they never talked during the sessions. As far as the practice sheets go those were the responsibility of the two people that L. Carr asked Rich Rod to keep on after he left. One more thing Mr. Michigan Man. Do you know who was the only coach in the MAC conference to be under NCAA sanctions? Yes Brady (Fred Flintstone) Hoke. Got any more facts for me?

    • Tony Fischer

      Vickie you are right and I stand corrected the App State loss was under Carr. I stand corrected and so was the post.

  • William Rhoads

    Brady won with leftover players from RR and now there gone and he can not coach his players he has brought in ! I said it when they hired hoke that he is the wrong guy! I was right he is lost and does not even where the head set ! At least challenge Borg on his offense calling plays! Bring the head coach and staff from Missouri ! There our no Michigan men out there to coach Michigan! Bring a proven winner and a team builder!

    • Vickie Lynn Krouse

      He’s still playing with some of Rich Rod’s players he just doesn’t know how to coach them. These next few years at Michigan are going to be terrible I doubt they win any more this year. Devin Gardner looks defeated, and he’s a good Quarterback. The backup looks even worse. I’m actually enjoying the downfall, if everyone really knew what happened when Rich Rod was there more people would feel like I do, and i’m not alone a lot of Michigan fans are now Arizona fans. Nobody wants to hear the truth they just want to win no matter who gets screwed.

      • Edenshik

        Wow. Pretty passionate. From a life long Wolverine fan, I can say I never “hated” or blamed rich rod. It was just foreign to us… The style of offense… The decision making. Michigan has always been pocket passers, tough running, and strong defenses. All of those were absent with rich and when it didn’t work we were frustrated. I definitely don’t know the behind the scenes things you seem to know, but that’s just a point of view from me… A regular old Wolverine fan.

  • Vickie Lynn Krouse

    Michigan fans wanted a “MICHIGAN MAN” and got one, so they don’t get to gripe about how bad he’s coaching. I hope he stays for a long time, it’s what they deserve for running Rich Rod off. Just wait until next year when Hokes recruits are playing, Michigan will be at the bottom of their division. Rich Rod will go on to win Championships Hoke will still be a Joke .

    • Lincoln Brousseau

      I am still on the fence about firing Hoke. I think he has to make Al Borges, Dan Ferrigno, and Darrell Funk accountable for their areas of decline. I wont go after the running back coach because he has developed some great talent in the past and I see the young guys developing quickly. Now the coaches with issues… Borges is responsible for our offensive play calling and the quarterback according to MGoBlue. Not hard to figure out these two areas have been sub-par. Poor play calling in majority of the games and a quarterback who is smart and athletic, so he must be poorly coached (not to mention unprotected) which leads me to the next problem… Funk. Our offensive line is hit and miss. The kids are all athletic, but aren’t playing well. Sure, they are young, but many other teams have young lineman that come out their first year playing well…leads me to coaching. Great change for the OSU game, but what about the rest of the year? Mediocre to a poor performance for the O-line and I blame that coach. Finally our special teams play has no depth, especially in kicking. My goodness, its Michigan and you can’t find a couple of good kickers? Once again, coaching decent players to be great players is the bottom line. It has to be, right? So, do we fire Hoke? I say not yet, but we better put the pressure on the other poor performers in the offseason….whatever that may be. Brandon, please step in and analyze this situation quickly. Something has to change. Keep Hoke until his contract is up and if we have another year like 2013 or worse, sorry. New coach.

    • Gary Rothbard

      UM fans wanted a “Michigan man” b/c aside from the redneck abomination they hired briefly, the program has always relied on them heavily. It’s not like this is the first time they’ve looked to draw from within. Rather, they lost their way for a short time going OUTSIDE that system with that jackass. There is really nothing special about Michigan wanting a Michigander in the top (and other) spots – that’s just the way it’s always been, and it’s a major factor in how and who they hire.

  • Walt

    Yes Hoke can not make any in game adjustments, and he cant adjust to the talent he has on the field. He keeps running the same offense and defensive schemes even when they aren’t working at all. Teams blitz up the middle, no adjustments just let your QB get killed. Not getting any pressure on the QB oh well no blitz, just keep rushing 4 and letting quarterbacks nickel and dime us down the field. He has a system, and if he can get Alabama recruits it might work. The whole system is based on the players on the other sideline not being as good as the players he has. But great coaches can adjust to injuries, to lean recruiting classes, and to what the other team is doing. Hoke can do none of these things time to let him go.

  • Edenshik

    Sad to see how people want to win so bad they lose all common sense. Hoke walked into a roster that was as far from pro style as you can get. He’s had to balance loyalty to seniors with trying to implement his offense. His recruits haven’t contributed because they are not built tosupport this ridiculous offense. Give the guy time to put together a complete roster. Blame Borges for the play calling, and blame Rich Rod for no upper class men who can play defense. Finally, the knock on him going for it on fourth down is uncalled for… Our defense is soft, and they get gassed late in games. They blew leads against nobodies in the second half all year, and you want the to go into overtime against an ohio team that had their way offensively with us all game? With Gibbons out? I love the call to go for it… If only for the reason you told those young o-linemen, “I believe in you” and showed them a glimpse of what they’re in for. Respect all the opinions, but I can’t agree. We need an identity.. We need pocket passers. Harbaugh, Griese, Brady, Henson…. Now we get Denard and Gardner?! This isn’t Michigan Football and we should give Hoke time to bring it back. Go Blue.

  • Edenshik

    Sorry… But I agree he’s not the perfect guy… Most of us wanted Les here, but Lloyd got his way… No Les, so now we have Hoke. He deserves our support at least for the next couple years.

  • Gary Rothbard

    I think Tony Fischer needs to brush up on his writing skills. Those first two sentences are ridiculous. As for Hoke, fire his ass or put him on a tighter leash. You just don’t do that in this rivalry game. He was basically abiding by the old rule that you go for the win at home and the tie on the road. The only problem is, that was only really applicable before the overtime system was started. That move was just pride and stupidity getting the best of him. Take the PA and live to fight another day.

    • Tony Fischer

      Thanks for reading Gary!!


    Just about every comment i read gets worse. You guys call yourself fans! Ha…. I’ve been a fan for 16 years, and I’ve seen disappointments and upsides. But you guys bash them (Hoke mainly) like they’re the worst team in college football! It don’t matter the situation as a fan i agree with Hoke because i truly think he can turn it around, they showed that against osu when they were down by 14 and came back to down by a point with a little more that 30 seconds to go, then go for the best call a coach make in a dire situation. Hoke wanted the win i did too! Buy we’ll still live to talk about it not talk crap every chance you get! My mind they played to their potential plus some! Hoke coached to his potential he has what it takes! All the”fans” that’s going against them now will all be sorry! GO BLUE!!!

    • Gary Rothbard

      as someone who’s been a fan for 30 years, I’m not sure you quite get it. but you do realize you can still go for the win in overtime, right? what he did was penny wise pound foolish.

  • Mary Morgan

    why would any coach in the last 31 seconds of a tight game not go for the gimme field goal point? OT was at least a 50/50 chance of winning Ohio… but to know darn well with the way Ohio plays, that was the stupidess decision that the coaching staff for our boys in blue to make! I still love our boys in blue regardless of the coaching that has been slipping them down the rankings place… :(

  • William Rhoads

    I was not a favorite of Hoke in the first place! when he talks it like he can not breath! He Did well with the left over from RR But nothing since! He just started wearing a head set! his OC is predictable and the Quarterback is not getting any better in fact he is getting worse! he defense can not stop anybody this is his third Year and the program has regressed not improve!