Dec 6, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Northern Illinois Huskies wide receiver Jacob Brinlee (86) reacts after being defeated by Bowling Green Falcons 47-27 at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

BCS Bowl Projections: BGSU Win Causes BCS Bedlam

It was one of the nightmare scenarios the BCS brass had hoped to avoid, mid major darling Northern Illinois getting bumped off by Bowling Green. But that is exactly what happened when BGSU blew out the Huskies in Detroit 47-27.

So why is this a nightmare for the BCS?

An undefeated Northern Illinois saved the BCS from having to choose from over a dozen teams fill the final BCS At-Large bid.  This is difficult because of the BCS’s two team per conference limit that prohibits conferences from having more than two teams in the BCS.

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Lets look at the projections and see why little ole BGSU cause so many problems.

Alabama and Auburn are projected receive BCS bids and will represent the SEC. The Big Ten’s Michigan State and Ohio State are also projected for the BCS.  The ACC reps will likely be Florida State and Clemson.

With Central Florida meeting the SEC champ in the Sugar bowl, Stanford in the Rose Bowl as the PAC 12’s rep and Big 12 Champ already slated for the Fiesta Bowl that leaves just one opening.

That remaining at-large bid will play in either the Sugar of Fiesta Bowl depending on the opponent, but which team could occupy the final spot.

#8 South Carolina is 10-2 but can’t get the bid because they would be the 3rd SEC team.

#5 Missouri’s only way in is to win the SEC Championship, otherwise they face the same problem at the game cocks do.

#12 Oregon and #11 Arizona State could squeeze in as the second PAC-12 team and both can make a case for a BCS bid.

#9 Baylor could get in as the second Big-12 team but are they really any better than the other teams?

For those who hate the BCS these scenarios are a great source of comedy but for the rest of college football it only adds confusion. Debate and speculation should not play a part in deciding college football’s champion. It should be decided with play on the field with the best from each conference squaring off in a winner take all playoff.  How many more of these scenarios have to play themselves out before the NCAA does the right things and institutes a 12 team college football playoff?

That being said it certainly is fun to talk about.

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