Dec 16, 2013; Detroit, MI, USA; Detroit Lions head coach Jim Schwartz during the first quarter against the Baltimore Ravens at Ford Field. Mandatory Credit: Tim Fuller-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN Reports Detroit Lions Shopping For Jim Schwartz Replacement

The temperature on Jim Schwartz’s hot seat got turned up a couple of more notches today after the Lions overtime loss to the New York Giants.

On a day when both the Packers and Bears lost, the Lions would have been in control f their own destiny again.

But it was the same old problems for the Lions as they fumbled, threw interceptions and penalized themselves into early offseason preparation.  Sure they have one game to play but any hope of the playoffs is lost.

It is for this reason the Lions have been looking for head coaching candidates according to ESPN. 

Then, there’s the fact that Schwartz was nearly fired last year,” Werder said. “Really, the only reason he wasn’t was Bill Ford Jr. felt that the buyout number in his contract was far too high.
“But there are people, internally, who question how undisciplined this team is and they really have an aversion to Schwartz’s personality.”

Per ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter, the cash still owed to Schwartz may not keep him from getting axed this time, though. In fact, they are already checking out potential replacements.

Th vultures have been circling Jim Schwartz since last weeks dismal loss to the Ravens. He said during last weeks press conference that he was focused on preparing his team. With speculation rising about his job security,

Schwartz was asked about his job security during today’s the post game press conference.

This is the truth, speculation is not my business,” he said. “My business is coaching the team and trying to keep the team focused. I think that that’s a job enough without having to worry about the other stuff. Where we were, we can’t worry about where we were because it’s where you are in the present. We came up short today. We make no excuses for it.”

Considering the revelation by ESPN that Schwartz was nearly fired after last season, it may be too late for Jim Schwartz to dodge the bullet this time. After only one winning season in five years it may be the right time for the Lions to look for a head coach that can take the team to the next level.

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  • yingyangpalms


  • brucekennedy

    Part of me says “thank God they’re getting rid of Schwartz”, another part of me says “what’s the use?” The Lions are a losing organization and probably destined to be one for years to come. I, personally, think they have surpassed the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Cincinnati Bengals as the worst team in NFL history. And you can’t just go on one year, the Lions have been bad for decades. Some would argue that in the 90′s the Lions were good, but let’s be real with the exception of one time they never won a playoff game and every Lion fan knew they would never make the Super Bowl, and probably never will. What do you replace Schwartz? With the exception of “Bill Cowher” I don’t believe there is a coach that can change the Lions culture of losing, and I’m not sure even he could do it. I can’t believe that you can coach players to be disciplined and the Lions biggest stars, with the exception of Calvin, are undisciplined. Suh, Fairley, Young and company along with the O-line will continue to commit costly penalties. Mr. “I’ll never fumble again” Bush disappeared at the end of the season. Pettigrew, what more need I say? (In all honesty Pettigrew has actually become a better player than he was last year). But don’t get me wrong Schwartz has to go and so should Mayhew and Lewand. But the reality is you have ownership that is loyal, to a fault and probably make the wholesale changes that need to be made. I’m a little frustrated at myself for listening to all the Lions slappies that kept urging me to believe the Lions were a different team this year and that this was it, even though I knew that even if the Lions made the playoffs the outcome would be no different than two years ago or ever, “one and done”. Whatever is done in the front office or on the field I hope the Lions can return to form and vie for the top pick in the NFL draft. It is what every Lions fan looks forward to, April. Picking 15th or 16th is unacceptable, the Lions should always be in the running for the top pick in the draft.

  • MichiganGuitar

    Apparently you can have a sixth grade education and get the opportunity to write articles for this site. I only found this trash by a Google search for Jim Schwartz to see if there was real news.

    This article is full of typos and horrible grammar. There are even typos in Schwartz’s quote!

    I you continue to (ahem) write, Mr. Fischer, perhaps you should revisit your local community college first.

    • Redwing91

      Talk about the pot calling the kettle black, Maybe you should check your post for typo’s as well.
      “I you continue to (ahem) write, Mr. Fischer, perhaps you should revisit your local community college first.”
      I YOU??? that should be “If you” correct?
      LOL guess you’re a 6th grader as well.

      • Tony Fischer

        Thanks for sticking up for me Redwing91…..I think lol

    • Tony Fischer

      Wow! Thanks guys for all of your loving comments guys. I apologize for letting any typos get through on this post.

      I am glad you went to google search to get “some real news” because this site isn’t intended to break news, only comment on it. It is a blog afterall.

      In fact, we are looking for fans who have passionate views like yourself. Maybe you should write for Fansided, MichiganGuitar.

    • Tony Fischer

      My guess is what you are really mad about is that you are a Jim Schwartz supporter and he has let you down by failing miserably.

      You were probably behind him 100% and defended his idiotic clock management and temper tantrums. Then he let you down with the complete unmitigated disaster that was the 2013 season.

      Well a lot of Lions fans share your anger and frustration and even if you are taking it out on me I know that it really comes from a place of love and affection.

      Thanks for reading.


    • Tony Fischer

      Oh and just one more thing. The quote I pulled from Jim Schwartz is from a post by Tim Twentyman on (it is appropriately linked) He is a Lions beat writer and a pretty good one at that.

      The other thing about quotes is that they are actual transcriptions of what the person said. So if you have an issue with a grammatical error in Jim Schwartz’s quote you should probably take that up with your hero.

      Oh and did I thank you for reading?