Detroit Red Wings defenseman Kyle Quincey (27) will be testing the free agent market this off-season. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

Ken Holland Silent On Detroit Red Wings Free Agents

The roster has been evaluated. The draft board has been set and the free agents have been rated.  But Detroit Red Wings General Manager Ken Holland is not ready to disclose which of the Wings Free Agents he will resign.

The Detroit Red Wings have 18 free agents, 7 of which are of the unrestricted variety.  Of the seven unrestricted free agents David Legwand, Todd Bertuzzi and Mikeal Samulesson will likely be wearing other uniforms next season.

Corey Emmerton (Restricted Free Agent) has already signed a contract to play for Sochi in the KHL. Dan Cleary might be back with the Wings after being promised another contract in exchange for leaving a multi-year deal on the table in Philadelphia last season.

That leaves four free agents that could test the free agent market this off-season.

The Red Wings would like to have Jonas Gustavsson back but only on a one year deal.  A one year deal would give Petr Mrazek one more year to develop with the Griffins until he is ready to assume back-up goaltender duties in 2015. That will likely drive Gustavsson to the free agent market to seek a multi-year deal from a team looking for a starting netminder.

Kyle Quincey will likely be sought after on the free agent market and the Wings will need to make his signing a priority. The Wings are already looking for a defenseman and losing Quincy will make the hole at the blue line much bigger to fill.

It appears that Ken Holland would like to have Daniel Alfredsson return for 2014, but the 41 year-old forward has yet to decide whether he will play another season.

Danny Dekeyser is a restricted free agent and will be at the top of the Red Wings resign list. The 24 year-old defenseman will likely get a substantial raise from his $925,000 last season.

According to most sources, the Red Wings plan to be active this off-season but how active will be determined by which one of their free agents they can resign and at what cost.

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  • Shawn Azzopardi

    The wings will not resign quincy. He is a bum, they have much younger, cheaper and more talent defensive talent on the griffins( marchenko, quellet, sproul) Cleary MIGHT be back with the wings but only if hes working in the front office. Once again though, signing Quincy is not a priority, nor an option in my opinion.

    • Tony Fischer

      Re-signing Quincey is most certainly a priority. The other defensemen available in free agency are all of the “old guy who wants a chance to win a cup” variety. Letting Quincey go would mean the wings would need to bring in another “old guy”. As much as I favor the youth movement, those player still need veteran leadership.

      • Shawn Azzopardi

        Niskinen is not an “old guy who wants a chance to win a cup” The fact of the matter is quincey did more harm that good for us more times than not during the season, the wings WILL NOT spend big bucks on a guy who openly wants to test the market. That money can be used much better elsewhere. If u want that veteran leadership, trade for boyle, forget quincy, grab niskinen if u can afford it after signing a top 6 forward(winger) bring up sproul and/or quellet, ditch kindle/lashoff.

        • Tony Fischer

          Good thoughts! But if you want Niskinen get in line.

  • Tony Fischer

    Not true. Anything attributed from another source is linked and credited.

  • decorideas

    Linking & crediting the sources is not what I am referring to. READ THE COMMENT!!

  • Tony Fischer

    I did read the comment. I am drawing conclusions based on what I have read and my opinion. Just because you don’t agree with my conclusions/interpretations it does not mean that I am misrepresenting anything. (or copying anything) That is why the links are there. Readers can draw their own conclusions.

  • decorideas

    Tony, When you copy in an article from another writer, with links and crediting sources –which is not being disputed–but you put a title on it that is, at the very least misleading, you are doing a disservice to your readers and confusing them.

    My example is when you put an article in your blog that says the Wings have $10M to $12 M of Cap Space, when we all know that it’s more like $20M — and you don’t even bother to explain that the difference is due to the fact that certain RFAs are assumed to have been already re-signed with the missing $8M to $10M in cap space, that’s confusing to say the least.

    You may think you are merely putting someone else’s thoughts, opinions or ideas out for public consumption, which is fine, but at least give your readers a heads-up when you put a title on a blog that so obviously conflicts with what is generally accepted as fact already. If you don’t cover your own backside in this manner, you end up making your blog look like you don’t have the all the facts.

  • Tony Fischer

    Sorry you didn’t like the post. but fact is at the time of this post everything regarding payroll and salary cap was undefined. Daniel Dekeyser still isn’t signed (as of today) but does anybody think the wings are going to let him walk?

    All the beat writers are saying the Wings are going to sign a top 5 defensemen. Do we know exactly how much they will have to spend on that? Of course not because we don’t have all the numbers yet. When they write articles for their publications they are guessing too.

    I have no problem with criticism I get it every day. It is one thing to disagree with the content or tenor of my post. But it is quite another to write a statement like “careful what you read here” as if to say that we not being ethical.

    You sound like a very knowledgeable hockey fan. I need a good hockey writer on DJC. Why don’t you join our ranks of hard working staffers? We would love to have you.

    Thanks for reading and commenting