Wolverines Losing Streak to Buckeyes in Football Ends


Today was the big day in which Ohio State would respond to the NCAA about the letter of allegations sent to them earlier this spring by the NCAA.

The letter couldn’t have been better news for all the Maize and Blue faithful, with terms like “ethical misconduct” and “ineligible (players)” you knew that Ohio State was going to get slammed by the NCAA.

But in another attempt to try and get off easy, Ohio State issued their own set of punishments. You may remember before the letter from the NCAA, Tressel tried the very same thing and voluntarily suspended himself for the first 5 games of the season, hoping that the NCAA would see how forthright and honest he was being and be more lenient on him, and we all know how that worked out. NO MORE TRESSEL! Ohio State today vacated all of their wins from the 2010 football season, including their 7th victory in a row against Michigan. More after the jump.

Though the magic streak is technically over, it wasn’t by anything the Wolverines did, it was all Ohio State. They recruited players like Terelle Pryor, Dan Herron, and Mike Adams who tarnished the school by breaking NCAA rules and forced an entire class of seniors to not get the victories they earned. But an interesting fact about those 3 players I mentioned: Pryor, Herron and Adams, they all had offers from the University of Michigan.

Imagine how different it would’ve been if Pryor had come to Ann Arbor and tried to pull the same stunts he did in Columbus. A program already in the NCAA’s doghouse from the Rich Rod years would’ve probably fallen even farther away from contention, and possible big bowl games. I remember I was distraught when Pryor didn’t come to Michigan. I recall him being at a U of M basketball game, visiting as a recruit and the crowd chanting his name. I thought to myself at that moment, how could you pass that up? But somehow he did, thankfully and the Michigan program while scarred from Rich Rod carries on and is now moving in the right direction while the Buckeyes are moving in the wrong direction quickly, losing recruits left and right and possibly facing even more sanctions from the NCAA.

So Michigan fans, next time a star recruit picks Ohio State, USC or some other team over Michigan let’s all remember Terrelle Pryor and thank Brady Hoke that we may have dodged a bullet. With Ohio State going down and Michigan on the way up, this would be the best chance for the Wolverines to end the streak on more than a technicality, with a win.

My Prediction: Michigan 35 Ohio State 24