Detroit Lions Season Opener Q&A With Zac Snyder


Zac Snyder, editor of SideLion Report, and contributor here at Detroit Jock City was kind enough to answer a few questions about our Lions as we prepare for the opening of the season.

What would a Week 1 win mean to you as a fan?

ZAC: It would put an end to the memory of long road losing streaks and generally noncompetitive

football, a complete turning of the page. I’m ready to admit this team is different from the Millen-assembled squads but the thought will linger in the back of the minds of some Lions fans until they completely shatter the memory of the atrocities we have seen since 2000.

You’ve given us your Five Things To Watch For in this game versus Tampa Bay, but what’s the one key thing you want to see out of this Lions team on Sunday?

ZAC: More points for the Lions than the Bucs when the fourth quarter ends. Seriously, I want to see an attacking defense and an offense that looks polished. I don’t want to put too much into the first game of the season but I’m looking for signs that this team can win even if they don’t this week.

Let’s talk about the upcoming season as a whole. Are you completely sold on the team’s turnaround, or is there still part of you that fears a 6-10 record or worse this year?

ZAC: I’m sold right now but we’ll have to wait to see if I “bought” too early. My brain tells me that a full season with Matthew Stafford has to be better than the 6-10 season they had last year. I predicted they would be 6-10 last season even with Stafford so ending up there without him is a step in the right direction. There is concrete evidence to warrant “buying in” to this team but there is still a “prove it” aspect hanging out there.

This season will be a failure if…

ZAC: Matthew Stafford misses a significant (8 or more) games due to injury and the Lions don’t improve on their win total from a year ago.

This season will be a success if…

ZAC: They make the playoffs. I think there is room to call the season a success with something short of a playoff appearance but this season can be an unequivocal success by making it.

Be sure to head over to SideLion Report on Sunday to join the Lions-Buccaneers live blog at 1:00 PM. It’s a great way to experience the game when you’re stuck watching on TV at home.

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