Let It Rain: Delay Should Help Detroit Tigers


An inning and a half of the American League Divisional Series (ALDS), and Tigers’ fans are left waiting for more.  The division was locked up with a few weeks to play, and they were ready to get the playoffs started.  I know the delay is a pain, but all I can say is “let it rain.”  Actually, letting it rain after the game starts would be even better!  I know that sounds crazy, but I’m dead serious.  Though there is rain in the forecast tonight in New York, you know tonight’s game will not get called.  But the Tiger’s can always hope.

I do have method for my madness.  New York’s rotation only has three pitchers slated to go.  CC Sabathia was supposed to go in games 1 and 4.  Ivan Nova was to take the ball in games 2 and 5.  Freddie Garcia had the first game in Detroit, game three.   So now CC is out of game one.  Nova will get the “start” now.

Consider if after 5 innings game two is called, or even has a long rain delay.  The possible benefit of that is getting to the Yankees bullpen early in game one.  Then the Tigers would have to face Freddie Garcia in game 2, and CC in game three.

Though already the plan the execution will be different in terms of short rest for the pitchers.  The Yankees will have Nova and Garcia on three days rest in game 4 and 5 instead of CC and Nova.  That’s obviously a huge benefit to the Tigers.  That’s no knock on Freddie Garcia, who has clearly revived his career these last two years in New York, but there is a reason he was going game three, not game one.

Basically, bottom line, the longer this series goes the better it is for the Tigers.  Yes, you’d love to have Verlander going in game 5.  The weather won’t let that happen.  But it’ll kill the Yankees more.  At this point, it looks as though Freddie Garcia would be getting the ball in game 5.

Meanwhile, the Tiger’s rotation should still be good to go.  You’ll see Fister tonight and Scherzer tomorrow.  Verlander will take the ball at Comerica in game three, which Porcello still getting his game four start.  Assuming we keep the second day off, Fister would be starting game 5 on the typical 4 days rest.

You also see the benefit off having Brad Penny on the roster.  If you have trouble with rain tonight and Fister only goes two innings, you can still get quality innings out of just one starter.  Hopefully, Jim Leyland will be right yet again.  If so, it may lead to the ALCS.