Detroit Lions: First Quarter Q&A With SideLion Report’s Zac Snyder


Zac Snyder, editor of SideLion Report and contributor here at Detroit Jock City, was kind enough to answer some questions as we exit the first quarter of the NFL season.

In your wildest dreams did you allow yourself to envision the Lions at 4-0 entering their Monday night showdown with the Bears?

No and anyone that says they expected it is a liar. With three road games and just one home game, 2-2 was my expectation with dreams of 3-1. 4-0 is the kind of start that has me revisiting my expectations for the season as a whole.

It’s amazing to see the two huge comebacks against Minnesota and Dallas, but what does the team need to change so that they don’t have to?

The need for big comebacks highlights the fact that the Lions haven’t put together a complete game yet. The game against the Chiefs was pretty close but this team can do even better things. The Lions are talented but they need to be on their game to avoid digging themselves a hole. This is the NFL, everyone is good but the Lions are better than most. They need to play like it all the time.

Besides a healthy Stafford, what is the biggest difference between this year’s team and last year’s team?

I have been impressed with the linebackers. The additions of Stephen Tulloch and Justin Durant have solidified the second layer of the defense and both guys have been sure tacklers. The defense had big play ability last year but I have more confidence in them overall this year.

What remains the biggest weakness for the Lions right now?

The coaching staff doesn’t seem concerned about the running game but I consider that their biggest weakness. They may not have to run but they should be able to when they want.

Do you have a revised W/L prediction going forward?

I was looking for 9-7 before the season but I have to bump that up to 11-5 based on what I have seen so far.

Is there any reason that the Lions can’t make noise in the NFC (and Playoffs) this season?

The Lions aren’t an easy team to play against so there isnt any reason to believe they can’t make some noise if they get into the playoffs. A cold weather game might be a challenge based on the way the offense plays but their defense should be able to handle any environment. I just love that we can even discuss this question with the Lions; it shows how far they have come.

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