Dombrowski Speaks on 2011 OffSeason


Dave Dombrowski spoke to the media today and made some preliminary announcements on the 2012 Detroit Tigers. He has already picked up the option on Big Potato and shipped out Brad “Hawkeye” Thomas and Omir Santos.

His biggest shock in the announcement was letting us know that Magglio and Guillen would not be back. How could he not bring back two guys who not only are coming off their most useless seasons, but are both 4 years removed from being anywhere near relevant?

Do you really think there is anyone out there who was thinking even for a second that either of these two zero tool players were even going to sniff the major leagues next year?

DD’s next order of business was about Joel Zumaya. Name doesnt sound familiar? Hes the guy from the Fanatic U commercials. Hes a free agent looking for a Major League contract even though hes 0-6 in completing seasons healthy. He even fell short of becoming a Type B free agent for us.

If Zumaya gets anything but a camp invitation it will be Dombrowskis worst signing since Willis/Robertson of ’08.

He also touched on signing a right handed hitting backup catcher for next year. Apparently DD also noticed that after catching Avila 132 games and 17 in a row may have been the reason he was limping and swinging over pitches by 2 feet in the playoffs. So Alex will be happy to know he will have a little more rest for next year.

He also mentioned that Leyland would prefer a platoon at 2nd base next year instead of getting an All-Star (no Jose Reyes?), this sounds quite a bit like Jim Leylands philosophy, play the shitty guys too much.

One thing that was not mentioned that DD may have fogotten about is the fact that our third baseman for next year was the 2nd worse player in baseball last year to Adam Dunn (nice signing Kenny Williams).

There are many who think that Aramis Ramirez will be the third baseman for the Tigers in 2012, moving Brandon Inge into a backup role, which should get him nice and pissed off again.  Ramirez sure has sported good numbers over the last 14 season with a career .842 OPS and can still play solid D at the hot corner.

Hopefully third base and 2nd base get solved and the rest of the team falls into place, because if your Manager is Jim Leyland, you have to make sure you have the best team out there possible.