What if it happened here?


As I sat fixed on the TV last night switching between ESPN news and SportsCenter I thought about what I could possibly post in the morning. The Tigers havent done anything, the Lions are coming off a bye week, the Red Wings are doing their usual impression of a good hockey team and the Pistons are getting closer and closer to losing their season.

I was so captivated by the Penn St. coverage that I barely noticed Wilson Ramos was kidnapped. I wanted to hear what everyone thought, even Matt Millen. Finally after 3 hours of watching everything I could from Happy Valley it dawned on me to write an article about the tragic scandal that is happening right now. I wanted to make it Michigan sports related so I thought what if this had happened here?
What if under Bo Schembechler’s watch there was an associate of the college raping young children and Bo knew about it. What about Lloyd Carr, Harry Kipke, Tom Izzo, Herb Deromedi, Mark Dantonio, Duffy Daugherty. This state has had their fare share of legendary coaches.

As I watched a crowd turn into a mob last night over JoePa being fired I could only get angry at the students who think he should be allowed to stay. I have yet to read one tweet, blog or hear one person outside of PSU say that they had any other choice but to fire him. I thought to myself that in a case like this I think there is only two way to look at someones opinion of JoePa; you either think he should be fired, or you are content with children getting raped as long as someone is a hall of fame coach.

As I clearly thought that was a bit harsh I decided to put myself in their shoes. These people have grown up with JoePa, watched him, celebrated his victories, seen him speak on campus and been witness to him just being a big lovable icon.

I did the same with Coach Schembechler. I loved Bo and everything he ever did for UM football, and hated everything he did for the Detroit Tigers. I am 100% confident that if this had happened here with Bo I would have turned on him and called for his head, his job and the jobs and heads of everyone else even remotely involved.

I feel the same about Lloyd Carr, and my co-worker (a devout Spartan fan) said he would feel the same way about Izzo or Dantonio.

So why does JoePa get this treatment, I don’t know anyone who condones child rape, so why would anyone condone someone who allowed child rape for 7 years knowingly? Many former Penn St. players have come out this week and stated that Sandusky has been very “Around” for years, in the locker rooms, weight room, practice field and everywhere that he supposedly wasn’t allowed to be.

I would love to sit down with a few well educated students of Penn St. who believe Joe was totally in the right by telling his boss 9 years ago about this and then allowing it to happen further. I just want to ask why Joe Pa is being given immunity in this.

If anybody knows someone who I could interview about it, e-mail me at niedz1nl@cmich.edu .

On an end note I think that Mike McQueary will be ousted tonight or tomorrow. The board couldn’t possibly get this one wrong after making such a tough decision last night. As far as Jerry Sandusky is concerned, he can either kill himself and make everyone happy or he can go to prison forever, either way he’s going to have pole position for a spot in Hell.