Detroit Tigers impressions…after the third series of the year


The universal rule in baseball, at least as far as I am concerned, is what happens in April doesn’t matter a whole heck of a lot. The Detroit Tigers are 6-3 after three series, and they lost their first series of the year these past few days to the Chicago White Sox. The Tigers vaulted offense went very, very cold in Chi town, but was somewhat awoken today. The Tigers scored one run in the third, fifth , and sixth innings. Added two in the top of the ninth, and while Closer Jose Valverde gave up a run in the bottom of the ninth but the team still won.

The really point there is we could say a lot of things, we could point out some troubling things with this lineup and pitching staff, but it all seems a bit premature. Sure Miguel Cabrera, in particular, was pretty ineffective in Chicago. Sure, the starting pitching has looked ok and the bullpen has been shaky at times. Sure Brandon Inge was the DH today. All of that is true and some of it is troubling but the fact remains the team is 6-3.

Ahead lays three games at the Kansas City Royals, and a weekend four game series against the Texas Rangers. I am looking forward to see how this lineup compares to the lineup of the Rangers, and if this team has improved enough to defeat the team that bounced them from the post season in 2011. The Tigers will wrap up April with games against the New York Yankees, and the Seattle Mariners.

Before I start writing how I feel about this season 40 games are going to have to be played. Right now everything is just an impression. There are some things to like, some thing to not like, and a whole lot of unknowns. One thing I know for sure is I have a lot more faith in Manager Jim Leyland so far in this season then I have had in others. Sure he still does things that drive a lot of Tigers fans crazy, but my confidence in him is growing. Weird that I cannot seem to explain exactly why.

What I do know is this team is 6-3 and a half game up in the division. After a little more than a week of baseball that is a pretty good spot to be in.