Live Blog: NFL Draft


7:52 PM- Still having a hard time getting  over the news that  Brandon Inge has been released. Now we do the NFL draft. The Cleveland Browns have moved up one spot to three giving up three picks later in the draft. All right let’s do this.

8:05PM- I think we know who the first three picks re going to be. Colts are on the clock.

8:06PM- The pick is in and holy crap the Colts take QB Andrew Luck QB Stanford. Washington Redskins are on the clock.

8:09PM- The Redskins have their pick in and it feels pretty safe to say it is Robert Griffin III, QB , Baylor

8:13PM- The Browns selection is also in.

8:15PM- Nike has a hot press at the draft, first time ever, so jerseys will be ready instantly. However it feels like this draft is lagging a bit and the so called experts keep poking fun at not showing the picks talking on their phones or giving up the secret early.

8:18PM- The Browns pick is in, checking with my Browns fan friends they think it will Trent Richardson. The Vikings pick is also in.

8:20PM- Browns take Trent Richardson, RB, Alabama. The Buccaneers are on the clock. I like that pick and the three picks they gave up are a 4th, a 5th, and a 7th. Not a bad price to play for the guy your team really wants.

8:23PM- Jacksonville has traded up to the fifth spot. They gave up a fourth round pick to move up two spots. The St. Louis Rams are on the clock.

8:27PM- The Vikings take Matt Kali, T, USC. No big shock there.

I really think the presentation of this draft is poor. The picks keep stacking up, and TV is really slow to respond. It makes the draft feel like it is bogging down like last year with all that confusion in the bottom half of the first round.

8:32PM- The Dallas Cowboys have moved up to sixth spot. The Jacksonville Jaguars have selected WR Justin Blackmon, Oklahoma State. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers are on the clock. The Cowboys have given up a second round pick to move up.

8:37PM- The Cowboys select Morris Claiborne, DB, LSU. We are waiting for the Buccaneers pick. The Bucs’ pick is in. Can’t believe there has been four trades already.

8:45PM- The Buccaneers select Mark Barron, DB, Alabama. The Dolphins are on the clock. I really like the Barron pick for the Bucs. They have improved dramatically over last year, and still have picks to spare.

8:48PM- The pick is in, and the Panthers picks is in at 9 putting the Buffalo Bills on the clock.

8:49PM- the Dolphins take Ryan Tannehill, QB, Texas A&M. Yet another QB for a team that has still failed to replace Dan Marino. I don’t know about that one, my gut says it feels like a reach. He is a project but is going to a familiar offense, maybe it works out down the road.

8:54PM- the Panthers take Luke Kuechly, LB, Boston College. The Bills pick is also in and it looks like the Kansas City Chiefs are on the clock.

8:58PM- The Bills have selected Stephon Gilmore, DB, South Carolina. The Chiefs are still on the clock an it may be because of another trade. Looks like the Chiefs have made a pick.

9:01PM- The Chiefs take Dontari Poe, DT Memphis. Looks like the Philadelphia Eagles have moved up to 12. The Seahawks have moved back to 15. The Eagles have given up a 4th and 6th round pick to move up two spots.

9:10PM- The Eagles have selected Fletcher Cox, DT, Mississippi State. The Arizona Cardinals are on the clock. Looks like the drat has finally settled into a grove. I think with the new CBA and the low coast of high first round picks that mock drafts will become obsolete. There is no way to mock a draft with this many trades, and I think that will become the rule.

9:18PM- The Cardinals take WR Michael Floyd of Notre Dame. That is a great pick to pair with Larry Fitzgerald. The Rams pick is in.

9:26PM- The Rams select Michael Brockers, DT, LSU. They get big help inside and will help at the point of attack. The Seahawks pick is in, putting the New York Jets on the clock.

9:30PM- Seattle takes Bruce Irvin, DE, West Virginia. He had a second round grade because of character concerns.

9:38PM- The Jets select Quinton Coples, DE, North Carolina. The Bengals are on the clock. The Jets fans do not seem very happy with that selection. This is the pick the Bengals got in the Carson Palmer deal.

9:44PM- The Cincinnati Bengals select Dre Kirkpatrick, CB, Alabama. He is the third Alabama player taken in this draft. The San Diego Chargers are on the clock. The Chargers pick is in, putting the Tennessee Titans on the clock.

9:52PM- The draft is falling in a very good way for the Detroit Lions, and that is what this is all about for DJC fans. With the 18th pick the Chargers select Melvin Ingram, DE, South Carolina. By my count that is two Gamecocks off the board. San Diego will likely use him as a OLB, but will move him all around to help disrupt plays.

9;59PM- The Bears take Shea McCellin DE Boise State. That makes the Bears D line a tough one, and Lions fans should take notice. The Titans are on the clock. followed by the Bengals and the Browns. Strike that the New England Patriots have moved up to 21st.  The Titans pick is in, the Patriots are on the clock then we have the second Browns selection in this round.

The pick gridlock of this draft has returned, it makes the flow of this draft very hard to follow. Granted lots of trades up and down make everyone a little confused.

10:06PM- The Titans take Kendall Wright, WR, Baylor. It looks like the Patriots and the Browns picks are already in putting our Detroit Lions on the clock.

10:10PM- The Lions pick is in, and the Steelers are on the clock. The Patriots have taken Chandler Jones, DE, Syracuse.

10:12PM- the Browns take Brandon Weeden the 28 year old QB from Oklahoma State. That is a clear pick to eitehr push Colt McCoy for the starters job, or Colt has already lost it.

We are about to learn what Martin Mayhew has in store for us. The Patriots have moved up again to 25th with a trade with the Denver Broncos.

10:19PM- The Lions select, with Calvin Johnson at the podium to announce, the 23rd pick of Riley Reiff, OT, Iowa. Love that pick. He can play RT or LT and Iowa knows how to breed great O lineman.

10:20PM- The Steelers take David Decastro, G, Stanford.

10:22PM- The Patriots select Dont’A Hightower, LB, Alabama. He is the fourth Crimson Tide player taken in the first round. The Patriots now have just two picks tomorrow night to conclude their 2012 draft barring any more trades.  The Houston Texans are on the clock.

10:28PM- The Texans take Whitney Mercilus, DE, Illinois, a natural pass rusher and a surprise pick for a supposed one year wonder. Bengals are on the clock.

10:34PM- The Bengals have taken Kevin Zeitler, G, Wisconsin 27th overall. The Packers are on the clock followed by the Ravens and the 49ers.

Looks like all the picks save 32 are in now.

10:40PM- the Packers take Nick Perry, LB, USC. He is a hot and cold player but paired with Clay Matthews the Lions will need to have a strong game plan in their two meetings with this team.

Looks like the Vikings have moved into the 29th spot with a trade with the Baltimore Ravens.

10:46PM- at 29 the Vikings take Harrison Smith, Safety, Notre Dame. The 49ers are on the clock.

The Broncos have traded away the second to last pick in the  first round to Tampa Bay.

10:50PM- The 49ers take AJ Jenkins, WR, Illinois.

10:56PM- The Bucs take Doug Martin, RB, Boise State. The New York Giants are on the clock.

Just over three hours for the first round isn’t too bad. 8 trades and 16 picks of this round have switched hands.

11:03PM- the pick is in, and the Giants take David Wilson, RB, Virginia Tech.