It’s time for the Detroit Tigers to start thinking about trades


We are now past the opening of the 2012 MLB season, and we must come to the realization that the 2012 Tigers aren’t all that good. The question then becomes do you allow this roster to gel together (essentially writing off the current season) or does this team go out and get real aggressive in the trade market. It is the official position of DJC that the Tigers are in win now mode (given the money spent and the age of Owner Mike Illitch) and given that no person save Justin Verlander should be thought of as safe from trade consideration that could make this team better.

In the baseball world there are two kinds of trades. The first one is where an underperforming team trades away big contracts for prospects, and the second where a under performing team trades away mid level players and prospects (and of course draft picks) to make themselves better in the present. We think the Tigers need to make deals to make the team better immediately. The Tigers need to start with the acquisition of someone who can play second base full time.

The list of players DJS would like to see gone is immense, but Ryan Raburn and Delmon Young top the list. The Tigers have two interesting prospects in their organization in Pitcher Jacob Turner and 3b Nick Castellanos. Nick is a power hitting right handed middle of the order kind of guy who will one day hold down third base and hit third or fourth in the Tigers everyday lineup. That either makes Miguel Cabrera expendable at some point or (given a move back to first base) makes the large contract of Prince Fielder expendable. Depending on when Nick will be ready for an everyday job with the Tigers will determine when the Tigers move one of those tow men.

For the immediate, Jacob Turner is the Tigers best bargaining chip. Again, DJC wants to see this team trade for an everyday second baseman, some bullpen help, and another starter. If Turner is ready to be that other starter than they cannot trade him either, but if he is not a team in win now mode makes that deal and hope for the best.

As for who is available, well it is a little early for all that. The Tigers have to suffer through right now until late in June or even July before the trade market will start to sort itself out. However, we can say right now that the Tigers should be buyers as they have the core talent that could challenge for a World Series title this year. Depending on their record as we get closer to the trade deadline will determine if they are truly buyers or sellers looking to contend in 2013.

With last night’s offensive explosion many may call me crazy, but let’s not over react to one game. Even if it continues they are playing the Twins after all.