The Nick Fairley situation


Again, it seems I could writer a lot of columns about this Detroit Lions off season with that one simple word. AGAIN. We are now at five off season arrests (involving three players) and it seems the new breed of Detroit Lions’ players thinks they can act like this team has already accomplished something. Guess what youngsters, YOU HAVE NOT! Merely making the playoffs was but one step towards the ultimate goal for this team, its players and fan base, and yes the city of Detroit.

It is really too bad that a couple of high round draft pick knuckleheads don’t seem to understand that. Furthermore it is criminal that these freaking idiots are allowed to behave in this manner. We all know what the score is here, no matter what Nick Fairley actually did; he will get some BS fine and probation. If you or I were found guilty of these repeated crimes our wallets and bank accounts would be in deep jeopardy (not to mention our very freedom). Let us move on from the too much too quick argument and look at what the Lions should do (not what the will do cause that my friends will be nothing).

If I were running the Detroit Lions Mr. Fairley would be cut as of today, or as soon as possible under NFL rules. They simply cannot afford to let an unproven player act in this manner. At least other NFL trouble making screw ups actually accomplished something on the field before an air of entitlement consumed their lives. It seems that the Lions have allowed not only Fairley but Mikel Leshoure to think they are superior to everyday citizens before they have proven anything on the field. That is not an excuse, but proven players get a little more leeway in the hearts and minds of fans.

Miguel Cabrera displayed a very unhealthy attitude/pattern of behavior like this as well, and as long as he was producing on the field we can some how or some way justify his bad behaviors. Fairley and Leshoure are trouble making wannabe’s until I see some sort of proof they are worth all of this madness. The Lions (and god forbid the NFL) need to make an example out of one or both of these players. I would outright release them both to send a message to the Lions locker room that this tom foolery will no longer be tolerated.

Before we start hearing from legal experts, and other Lions fans are ready to justify these actions, I am fully aware that Fairley has not been found guilty of anything yet. However, he has demonstrated a pattern of behavior that is unfitting a guy in his station of life, or as a potential role model for our children. Sure, in the end I am the supreme role model for my kids, but it sucks to have to use idiots like Fairley and Leshoure as examples of what not to do. If you think my six year old son has not heard about this already you are clueless to the digital age in which we live. Let us not forget who reads this column first.

It really pisses me off that I have to waste my words, my energy, and my focus dealing with this stupid crap. Like most Lions fans (and that is all that I am) I want to see this team finally appear in a Super Bowl. That is it, plain and simple. I want to write and think about how this team is building towards that, not how they drafted a coupe of morons who have no regard for the rules of this land.

I think back a few years to that Dayton Dragons pitcher who went crazy and threw a baseball into the dugout. I remember him sitting in jail like a common criminal, and wish that this Memorial Day while we remember those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedoms, that Nick Fairley was in jail. Which seems to be exactly where he needs to be to figure out he has done nothing to act like the entitled, superior A-hole that he seems to thinks  he is.