What should the 2012 Detroit Tigers do?


After beating up on the hapless Minnesota Twins last weekend it looked like the 2012 season was turning around for the Detroit Tigers. After three straight losses to the Boston Red Sox the feeling of 2008 is one that Tigers fans cannot shake. There is no one answer here, there is no magical trade to make that will fix everything, the simple fact here is the supporting cast (meaning the guys who fill out the roster after the alleged super stars) isn’t very good. Justin Verlander is cracking under the pressure of trying to keep this team afloat by himself, and things are getting pretty ugly.

DJC was willing to wait for the Tigers offense to heat up, since it is no longer early in the 2012 season we feel that they can no longer wait. We also are under the belief that the pitching staff needs major work, and/or some pitchers need to start being more consistent. The Tigers starting rotation does have a 3.98 ERA. However, that is not the number that is most concerning. The Tigers starters have the third least innings pitched (among American league teams) at 275.5, and that is overworking a bullpen that isn’t very good.

The offense shows signs of brilliance but has not been sustainable so far. This team routinely fails to execute defensively and once again they hit into way too many double plays. The team as a whole is pressing, making dumb mental errors, and that is the fault of the coaching staff. DJC is very close to calling for Jim Leyland’s job.

For the time being we will put the blame on Leyland, GM Dave Dombrowski, and Owner Mike Illitch. The players deserve some blame for not producing, and now for being mentally weak. However, this roster was flawed from day one, and it should surprise no one that a division crown that everyone was set to award this team in April is rapidly slipping from the team’s grasp. Could that change? Absolutely, but only after this team’s approach changes,Leyland’s managerial tactics changes, and yes the roster changes….dramatically.

The Tigers seem reluctant to make a deal for another starting pitcher right now, but with Doug Fister returning to the Disabled List that may change. For now it seems that Jacob Turner and Casey Crosby will get a change to prove what they are worth. Hopefully they can come up and give this bullpen a much needed break, that doesn’t seem very realistic but there is always that chance.

What we have to hope here is that deals are starting to be discussed that bring this bullpen some help (not to mention DJC’s official position that this team must trade for a better option of an everyday second baseman). If the bullpen can improve, and the two youngsters, along with Drew Smyly can help take some of the burden of JV then things will look a whole lot better. Of course a more consistent offensive threat would be a very nice thing, since that is what this team promised us heading into this season.

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