Detroit Tigers 2014 MLB Draft Results


The Major league baseball draft is like no other.  Some of the players selected have almost no chance of seeing  a major league roster, others come out of nowhere to develop enough skill to impact the team that drafted him.

Like the NFL and NBA drafts the players selected in the first couple of rounds usually grab the headlines. But unlike the NFL draft some players won’t even sign with the team that drafted them,  falling back into the pool to be drafted next year.

There are 40 rounds in the MLB Draft and so keeping track of all the players selected is next to impossible unless you are a professional scout.

So in case you missed it, here are the highlights from the Detroit Tigers 2014 MLB Draft Results.

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Strawberry Hill

The first round featured an intriguing pick for the Detroit Tigers.  The Tigers first round pick, Derek Hill is the cousin of Daryl Strawberry and his father played at the AAA level.  Hill was considered by some to be the best highschool prospect in the draft.  The scouting report characterizes Hill as a speedy contact hitter who has the potential to develop a power stroke because of his bat speed.

Backstop Bonanza

The Detroit Tigers selected 6 catchers in this years draft including 2 in the five rounds.  With alex Avila struggling to stay in the line-up because of injuries over the last couple of seasons, the Tigers know they will eventually need a player to replace him. The Tigers valued defense at this positions as both Grayson Griener (3rd Round) and Shane Zeile (5th Round) are rated high defensively.

Major League Pedigree

Derek Hill wasn’t the only player drafted by the Detroit Tigers with a major league Pedigree.  Catcher Shane Zeile, and first basemen Magglio Ordonez are both related to well-known major leaguers whose careers likely effected their draft status.  Shane Zeile, nephew of former major league catcher Todd Zeile, has a ton of confidence and some pop in his bat from the right side. Magglio Ordonez is the son of the former Detroit Tiger, spent a lot of time in the clubhouse when his father was a Tiger.  However the younger Ordonez will have to earn his way onto a major league diamond after being drafted in the 38th round.

Detroit Tigers 2014 MLB Draft Results

123Hill, DerekElk Grove HS (CA)OFR/RHS6’2″ 195lbs DOB: 12/30/95 | Scouting videoOrsino Hill reached Triple-A as an outfielder and no …
263Turnbull, SpencerAlabama (AL)RHPR/RJR6’3″ 230lbs DOB: 09/18/92 | Scouting videoTurnbull cut his ERA from 5.60 as an Alabama freshma …
399Greiner, GraysonSouth Carolina (SC)CR/RJR6’6″ 220lbs DOB: 10/11/92 | Scouting videoGreiner stands 6-foot-5, which would match the talle …
4130Ravenelle, AdamVanderbilt (TN)RHPR/RJR6’3″ 195lbs DOB: 10/05/92 | Scouting videoWhat do you do with a pitcher with a good, projectab …
5160Zeile, ShaneUCLA (CA)CR/RJR6’1″ 195lbs DOB: 06/14/93 | Scouting videoZeile erased a subpar sophomore season by performing …
6190Kivett, RossKansas State (KS)CFR/RSR6’1″ 195lbs DOB: 10/19/91 | Scouting video
7220Pankake, JoeySouth Carolina (SC)3BR/RJR6’1″ 200lbs DOB: 11/23/92 | Scouting videoA Rangers 42nd-round pick out of a South Carolina hi …
8250Lewicki, ArtieVirginia (VA)RHPR/RSR6’3″ 212lbs DOB: 04/08/92
9280Laxer, JoshOle Miss (MS)RHPR/RJR6’1″ 210lbs DOB: 06/07/93
10310Voelker, PaulDallas Baptist (TX)RHPR/RJR5’10” 185lbs DOB: 08/19/92
11340Ladwig, A.J.Wichita State (KS)RHPR/RJR6’5″ 210lbs DOB: 12/24/92
12370Mattlage, GarrettTexas State (TX)SSS/RJR5’10” 190lbs DOB: 02/25/93
13400Allen, WillOle Miss (MS)CR/RSR6’3″ 220lbs DOB: 03/25/92
14430Heddinger, JoshGeorgia Tech (GA)RHPR/RJR6’5″ 220lbs DOB: 01/16/93
15460Gerber, MichaelCreighton (NE)CFL/RSR6’0″ 190lbs DOB: 07/08/92
16490Rader, ChaseCoffeyville CC (KS)3BR/RJ26’0″ 210lbs DOB: 01/17/94
17520Baptist, CoreySt Petersburg Col (FL)1BR/RJ16’4″ 215lbs DOB: 04/19/95
18550Maddox, WillU Tennessee (TN)3BL/RJR5’10” 180lbs DOB: 06/11/92
19580French, ParkerTexas (TX)RHPL/RJR6’2″ 220lbs DOB: 03/19/93Despite not having overwhelming stuff, French has be …
20610Szkutnik, TrentMichigan (MI)LHPR/LJR6’0″ 195lbs DOB: 08/21/93
21640Mayberry, WhitU Virginia (VA)RHPR/RSR6’0″ 190lbs DOB: 05/29/90
22670Thomas, MichaelU Kentucky (KY)CR/R5S5’11” 210lbs DOB: 01/27/91
23700Pirtle, BrettMississippi St U (MS)2BS/RSR5’9″ 175lbs DOB: 03/23/91
24730Hemmer, GabeSan Diego Christian College (CA)RHPR/R5S6’3″ 220lbs DOB: 06/22/90
25760Smith, GageFlorida St U (FL)RHPR/R5S6’2″ 185lbs DOB: 02/13/91
26790Fischer, JackWake Forest (NC)RHPR/RSR6’1″ 175lbs DOB: 08/28/91
27820Ford, TylerU Houston (TX)LHPL/LSR5’8″ 175lbs DOB: 09/11/91
28850Kengor, WillSlippery Rock U (PA)SSL/RSR6’3″ 180lbs DOB: 07/24/92
29880Butler, JacobU St Francis (IL)RHPR/RSR6’2″ 200lbs DOB: 08/04/91
30910Watkins, SpenserWestern Oregon University (OR)RHPR/RSR6’1″ 190lbs DOB: 08/27/92
31940Reuss, GrantCranbrook Kingswood School (MI)LHPR/LHS6’5″ 215lbs DOB: 05/23/96
32970St. John, KentonU South Alabama (AL)LHPL/LJR6’3″ 180lbs DOB: 01/31/93
331000Perrin, JonathanOklahoma St U (OK)RHPR/RJR6’5″ 220lbs DOB: 05/23/93
341030Stevens, SammyBrother Rice HS (MI)CL/RHS6’2″ 200lbs DOB: 02/03/96
351060Hollins, DaveOrchard Park HS (NY)3BR/RHS5’11” 180lbs DOB: 12/06/95
361090Fury, NateLouisiana St U (LA)RHPR/R5S5’11” 200lbs DOB: 02/06/91
371120Mahomes, PatrickWhitehouse HS (TX)RHPR/RHS6’2″ 220lbs DOB: 09/17/95 | Scouting video
381150Ordonez, MagglioAmerican Heritage School (FL)1BR/RHS6’1″ 200lbs DOB: 10/14/95
391180Sanagorski, TaylorBishop Carroll Catholic HS (KS)CS/RHS5’11” 191lbs DOB: 08/29/95
401210Faedo, AlexAlonso Sr HS (FL)RHPR/RHS6’5″ 225lbs DOB: 11/12/95 | Scouting video