Detroit Lions Top 50: #39-35 with VIDEO

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37. Harley Sewell, OL, 1953-1962

Sewell played his college ball at the University of Texas, where he actually enjoyed great success as a linebacker. The Lions however, drafted him as an offensive guard in 1953.

The 6-foot, 1-inch, 230-pound Sewell was a complete guard, equally skilled at either pass or run blocking. He was at his best when leading the running back on sweeps, inside traps, and counter plays. Harley’s quick feet and acceleration allowed him to clear out larger defenders before they had time to counter his attack.

There is still no reliable way to quantify offensive line play, especially interior line play. But just know that Sewell got his jersey dirty for some of the most effective offenses in Lions history, and that’s no coincidence.