Detroit Lions Top 50: #14-10 with VIDEO

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12. Dick “Night Train” Lane, DB, 1960-1965

“Night Train” Lane was a great defensive back, who, to this day, is one of the best pass defenders in history.

He played six seasons in Detroit (1960–65) and recorded 21 interceptions for 272 yards and one touchdown. He was All-NFL four times (1960–63) and was named to the Pro Bowl three times (1961–63).

All told, from 1954 to 1963, Lane made the All-Pro team six times and was also selected to seven Pro Bowls. He recorded three interceptions in all but four of his 14 NFL seasons.

He was particularly noted as a hard hitter, who liked to tackle opponents about the head and neck, which was then a legal technique. This tackle was sometimes called a Night Train Necktie.

Lane would have been a square peg in today’s NFL, what with his emphasis on dishing out pain and everything that was the exact opposite of player safety. In his first NFL game he broke an opposing player’s collarbone.